Dangerous road only at night

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It’s about a forest road, and therefore it may seem strange the statement that it is dangerous at night – any forest, they say, the road is like that. But here is a completely different matter. This mysterious road to Ulyanovsk region is famous for the fact that along it, as soon as it starts dusk like a goblin starts to drive the late passersby.

Moreover, this road (or rather, a certain section of it), located not far from the town of Sengiley, at first glance it’s completely harmless – direct and not so long. But on this enchanted a strange fog descends upon it at night, and a traveler who even knows these places well, not to mention the random passerby, can go on the road for as long as desired, but anyway will return to the starting point.

It is no coincidence that locals themselves do not embark on this disastrous path with dusk and other people are not advised to do this – better to wait in the morning.

No one can say for sure why all this is happening, for example, esotericists believe that in such prodigal places space bends and a person begins to walk in a circle (the road closes into a ring). Mystics are sure that on this enchanted road demons “indulge” or really a goblin taunts, although why it is here and nowhere else, not understandably.

Scientists are also trying to insert their five cents, but because explain this phenomenon by increased radiation, tension magnetic fields, the content of some stupefying substances in the soil, which contribute to the loss of orientation even in an experienced person, why does he begin to walk in a circle or even see hallucinations. What is not clear in this case is the fact why all this happens with the sunset, and in the afternoon – no anomalies …


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