Darvaz: a bewitching door to the netherworld

Darvaz: a bewitching door to the netherworldA photo from open sources

Darvaz – one of the strange and mysterious places on earth – located in Turkmenistan. The path to it lies through the Karakum, this the name of the desert translates as “black sands”. The word “Darvaza” means door. Thus, all together can be understood as “door leading to the desert, among the black sands.”

Now imagine the picture: around the desert, and among the endless sand – a crater in which raging flames. It is bewitching the sight, however, has a very prosaic origin. In 1971 year, a gas exploration well was drilled here, and a derrick literally failed in an underground cavern – with all the transport and all the equipment, fortunately, people at the same time by some miracle are not have suffered. However, a natural the gas that was set on fire so as not to poison people and cattle.

And for thirty-five years, unquenchable torches have been burning in the desert. No one knows how much valuable fuel, but the spectacle is truly shocking to anyone. Travelers they call this place only a door to the netherworld itself.

And indeed, anyone who has fallen into the “underworld” creature doomed to death. Breathable with hot air and terribly humming the crater has a decent diameter of 60 and an impressive depth of 20 meters. The gas coming from the earth is divided into hundreds of torches, some while reaching a 10-15-meter height.

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