Dave Booth’s prophetic dreams

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May 26, 1979 a humble agent of a company involved in putting in car rental Dave Booth, launched a new issue of New York Times. “The entire front page was a report of the tragedy in Chicago O’Hara Airport. Running through the headline, Dave put down the newspaper: he knew all the details of the tragedy before the smallest details, as if he were at the scene of a disaster. He had already repeatedly seen the whole tragedy in a dream. Disaster in Чикаго A photo from open sources

May 25, 1979 Ode DC-10 (Douglas), flying from New York to Chicago – Los Angeles of American Airlines, taxied to take-off strip of chicago airport. Onboard there were 258 passengers and 13 crew members. It was clear, warm weather, visibility, like said the pilots, “million in a million.” At 15:02 a 170-ton airbus set off, gaining speed. The plane accelerated to speed 245km / h (climb speed) when the left engine came off and fell on the runway behind the plane. Everyone who saw this screamed horror. DC-10 took off on the 2 remaining engines, and began to gain speed and altitude. If the plane continued flying without reducing speed, tragedy, perhaps, could have been avoided, but the instruction prescribed in case of failure of one of the engines to reduce speed up to 245km / h. The crew, having discovered the lack of traction of the left engine, but, not knowing the reasons for what happened (not a failure, but a loss of the engine!), he began slow down and Douglas was doomed. At a speed of 255km / h the plane began to fall over, and when the roll reached 90 degrees, – fall. Less than a minute has passed since the plane came off about land as it crashed into the ground at 1,420 meters from the runway. Exploded fuel tanks full of fuel. The smoke was visible in downtown Chicago. Sirens rushed to the crash site fire engines and ambulance brigades of airport services. But if firefighters expected hard work to extinguish the fire, then doctors, they saw everything with their own eyes, understood that their help is unlikely need it. Фотоfrom open sources

273 people died in the crash: all 271 who were on board and 2 people on the ground. In 1979, it was the third the number of victims of a plane crash in the world. Dave’s 9 sleepless nights Бута Фотоfrom open sources

On the night of May 17, a resident of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) Dave Booth woke up in a cold sweat. The reason was the dream he saw. In him Dave saw himself standing at the edge of the airfield. Over runway flew a DC-10 with the American Airlines logo on the fuselage. Falling over on the wing, the plane fell to the ground. Explosion, puffs of smoke, horror. On the the next night, Dave saw the same dream again, and on the third night, and on the fourth. For 9 nights, Dave tormented this nightmare. After the catastrophes of May 25th, the visions ceased. Warnings which no one heeded Unlike other cases, D.’s visions Buta have documentary evidence. Alarmed by his by repeated dreams, Dave sent a letter to American Airlines. “Second Disaster Alert Letter Gone hometown airport administration. Both letters were left without response. Then Booth turned to the Federal Aviation Agency USA, where he was finally heard and recorded warning story. And that’s all. After the disaster, Dave visited specialists from the Institute of Parapsychology, but Booth disappointed them: he did not possess any extrasensory abilities before never seen prophetic dreams, what happened struck him not less than others. For several years, Booth remained under the observation of parapsychologists, but the prophetic dreams of Butu are more did not dream.

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