Demand for bald heads up in Mozambique men

Demand for the heads of bald men has increased in MozambiquePhoto from open sources

Mozambique’s bald men may be victims of ritual killings – the population of the country warns about this in all seriousness police.

Guards draw an analogy with hunting in some African countries on albinos that have long been considered very successful instances for the implementation of ritual sacrifices – at least that’s what the local witches thought the witchers. But the “fashion” for albinos has recently begun to subside, but there was a demand for bald men.

There is an assumption that in such bald, and only male, heads have a lot of gold, which is necessary for successful sacrificial rituals. The police believe that, as and in the case of albinos, bald men are abducted by businessmen who then they are sold to sorcerers-healers.

Mozambique law enforcement officers have already arrested two such bounty hunters, however the police consider (and not unreasonably) that such criminals in the country are significantly more, and they will only multiply: if there is demand, there will be proposal, and there are certainly those who will engage in such dirty business.

Police are still unknown, the hunt for bald men was the result one creative-minded witcher or this unconscious (spontaneous) tendency, most likely due to the fact that albinos do not meet the requirements of “magic”, but because the sorcerers had to resort to more “exotic” material for their scary rituals.


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