Demonic face spotted over blazing Hawaii

A demonic face spotted over blazing HawaiiPhoto from open source Hawaii where a volcano is rampant Kilauea, a strange phenomenon has been observed, presumably supernatural nature. The video below was received a couple of nights ago by a local lifeguard who turned out to be near the crack in the ground from which the lava flowed. American captured what he saw on the smartphone’s camera, but didn’t notice the moment in person is nothing strange.

However, subsequently, after serving at home, our the hero watched the video and got really puzzled. In clubs of volcanic smoke lit by the glow of red-hot lava, something like a face seemed.

When a man posted cryptic footage on the World Wide Web, many netizens thought it was a mystery a demonic face portending an even greater tragedy for state or even all of America.

The ominous image in the dark sky really resembles a creepy a distorted face, like a naked skull with an evil grin. Skeptics, of course, speak of a para-idolic illusion: they say, with we are just playing the imagination, casting gloomy pictures. However many viewers cannot help feeling that it’s unkind paranormal sign, and Hawaii expect new misfortunes.

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