Did teleporting a person to the camera?

Did teleporting a person to the camera?Photos from open sources of

Is teleportation possible at the current stage of technological human development? Many of us will say no. Nonetheless, Mysterious entries appear on the Internet from time to time, on which captured this seemingly fantastic phenomenon. See for yourself: below is a video recently shot in Japan car registrar. The video shows a person appeared literally from nowhere on a busy road.

A man dressed in a bright tracksuit and having on his shoulders a backpack, as if arising from a parallel reality near black van. Landing on the freeway, mysterious the individual quickly rises to his feet and as if nothing had happened running away somewhere. One could assume that he fell from the bridge or fell out of the same van, but after careful consideration of the record, these theories have to be thrown aside.

Many web users believe in teleportation

The fact is that the video does not show that the man flew for a long time down or left the car. It appears about a meter above the surface of the road and at first looks very blurry, as if ghost. Only then does a strange Japanese get distinct outlines. Of course, it rains outside, and drops of water make it worse camera review, but not as much as materialized from human emptiness could be confused with any other phenomenon.

In addition, you cannot safely jump from a bridge higher than six meters or to fall out of the car at full speed – in this case our unknown hero would have received significant injuries. But on the record we can see how he gets out of the way and briskly leaves scene of the incident. This probably suggests that the man is not badly hurt. Some Internet users, by the way, it seemed that the Asian was running away so fast for the reason that not to be caught by the special services of his native country, look, he’s in this hasty flight does not seem to have even noticed that by chance teleported. Therefore, such an individual must certainly arouse the curiosity of the government.

The video first appeared on January 19 on the social network “Facebook,” caused a mixed reaction among commentators. Someone from the regulars of the site thought that the recording is really Teleportation process recorded. Someone said that this is the most conventional installation. There were also users who suggested that the unknown moved not only in space but also in time. That is, he consciously (using, say, a time machine) came to us from the future, which is why it behaves as if everything understands perfectly, and hurries away only because to attract the attention of others, trying to get lost as soon as possible in a crowd of people.

Time Bridges Teleportation

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