Dissatisfied skulls

Photo from open source Bettisk skull About a screeching skull, taking its name from an old farm near Lyme Regis (Dorset, England), in these places there is a legend. It was traditionally believed that the skull belonged to a slave from the West Indies, imported into the 17th century in the feudal estate of Bettisk, where he was to serve Azariah The pinny. This slave was either killed or committed murder himself. On the on his deathbed, he declared that his spirit would never calm down and would appear in Bettiskom until his body is taken to homeland. Contrary to his last wish, he was buried in English land in a churchyard in Bettiskom. Spirit carried out his warning, appearing in that place as if in protest. Screams were heard from the grave, and heard in the farmhouse strange noises. Noises subsided only when the body was dug up. The skull reconciled only when it was laid on a table in the lobby. Attempts to re-bury again caused noise. This procedure repeated so often that they finally lost the skeleton, and from it only the head remained. The skull was left on a spiral staircase, leading to the roof of the house. However, this myth was destroyed when Professor Gilbert Cozy of the Royal College of Surgery concluded that the skull belonged to a prehistoric woman twenty or a little more years, perhaps sacrificed for prosperity of the settlement, broken in this area. Despite this statement, the skull remains on the estate in case of a possible mistake professors. Skull from the house of Burton Agnes (County North Yorkshire) This screeching skull is associated with one house in North Yorkshire, built in 1598 by three family sisters Griffith. One day, one of the sisters, Anna, met the robbers. it happened on the road near her house. One of the robbers hit her when she refused to give the ring that once belonged to her mothers. Hearing the screams, the villagers rescued the battered woman and They brought her home, where five days later she died. Last Anna’s request was that her head be buried in the walls of her the house, which was called Burton Agnes. However the family decided to bury her in the ground at the old Norman church. Soon after of this, strange noises began to be heard in the house. The sisters suspected that this is the expression of Anna’s plea for returning home. They opened it coffin. To their amazement, the head was separated from the well-preserved bodies, and the skull smirked. The parish priest advised me to take head from the grave and bring back to the house. Sisters followed him advice, and all the noise stopped. They did not renew until until the Boynton family inherited the house, who carried the skull out at home. Anna again left no doubt of her desire to stay in Burton Agnes. The skull reconciled only when it was laid on the table in the lobby. A few years later, the skull was laid with a brick behind a panel casing. Thus, Anna’s wish was fulfilled, however on the eve of the anniversary of her death, the ghost is still disturbing the inhabitants of the house. Skull from Tanstida Farm Like others screeching skulls, Dickie resists movements. Partially the surviving skull, nicknamed “Dickey”, probably belonged some woman. He wanders around a farmhouse on Tanstead Farm, located near Chapel-en-le-Frith in England. According to one legend, once in the room where the skull is, was killed girl. Another legend says that Ned was killed in this room. Dixon, the ancestor of farm owners. It is also said that the house is visiting the ghost of a woman who first appeared at the end of the 19th century, ushering in the death of the tenant’s daughter. Dickey is believed to be dumb guardian of the house. They say that when strangers approach, it makes noises and knocking. Some of these noises, including the rumble of a farmer instruments in the barn were so strong that they caused complaints seasonal workers who even began to leave the house. Dickey sent also sound warnings about birth or livestock disease, about sudden death of family members. Once the unknown stole skull and took him out of the house. However, he began to make so much noise that the thieves themselves returned him to his place. The same thing happened when the skull tried to bury in the earth, which was previously consecrated.

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