Do not drive unfamiliar girls – this is dangerously

Do not drive unfamiliar girls - it's dangerousPhoto from open sources

Usually it’s the girls who are afraid to ride the passing transport, but, as follows from a story told to us by a man named Nikolai and what happened to him in 1975 can be dangerous reverse situation. Today, this could well happen again – with the only difference is that nowadays instead of a motorcycle, as a rule, figures a car. However, does this change anything? ..

Stranger girl on a forest road

… In the early morning, Nikolai at his “Rising” (beauty and pride guys seventies) was returning from a neighboring village after a meeting with my beloved.

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He was driving along the road when he saw that a tree appeared from behind girl and raised her hand, asking the motorcyclist to stop. Nothing there was nothing strange in this for Nikolai, since there was no bus service between taiga villages at that time did not exist and people at Necessarily used passing transport.

Perhaps, the girl’s clothes were unusual – a dark dress, which seemed too easy for this September morning. In hands – neither handbags, nor any things. Nicholas thought the girl, rather total returns from the district center, where on the eve of the House of Culture were dancing. He knew that sometimes local youth did just that.

The guy stopped the motorcycle and looked around the girl. She was on surprise is beautiful: still very young, about eighteen, dark-haired, with a heavy scythe descending below her back. Under the dark a chiseled figure was guessed by a dress …

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Nikolai’s heart was beating very fast, and the girl sat behind him, hugged the guy tightly and pressed against him with a hot body. “Well dear, let’s go, ”whispered her lips.

Fascinated by the girlish beauty, Nikolai thought badly, he himself didn’t understanding how a motorcycle drives on the ground. All his thoughts swarm around sitting behind a beautiful stranger, and imagination painted the most seductive pictures … But then his ear touched the warm breath: “You, kasatik, do not even dream about it.”

Nikolay almost lost the steering wheel, so ashamed he felt for their thoughts that the girl managed to somehow read. The guy’s face glowed with hot fire, sweat poured between the shoulder blades …

The main thing is not to look back and not go crazy

When there were five kilometers to the village, Nikolai’s motorcycle suddenly stalled and, rolling a little by inertia, stopped in the middle high pine. The girl jumped from the seat and walked away, and Nikolai leaned over the motor.

Suddenly there was a rustle behind him, and then a deaf a senile voice said quietly: “Well, kasatik, thank you for I’ve taken home! ”

Startled, the guy looked around: an old old woman, wrapped in some rags, stood in front of him, leaning on a knotted stick, and looked at Nikolai with red eyes. Knocked out from under the scarf matted gray hair.

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“You wouldn’t have tormented your horse, a killer whale, but would rather walk, – the old woman mumbled with her toothless mouth. – Don’t try to look back, but otherwise, dear, I will destroy you! ”

Nikolai did not remember how he lifted the motorcycle from the ground, as he rolled him to his village. A guy woke up near the hostel, his friends were just went to work. They barely tear off Nikolai’s hands from the motorcycle, they brought a comrade into a dormitory and put him to bed.

Only in the evening he began to slowly recover. Friends tried to find out: what happened to Nikolai on the road, why he all day lay on the bunk, looking with glazed eyes in ceiling? The guy was gloomy silent.

But the village foreman suggested that Nikolai was in the forest met a werewolf. Similar cases in these places sometimes occurred: either a pig chases after a traveler, then a horse pursues all the way … At dusk, tractor drivers more than once saw a strange field woman in white: if you try to catch her, she dissolves in in the air …

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In general, no one was going to laugh at Nikolai, and soon the guy became himself again. Just stopped going to another village on dates. First, of course, it was scary, but secondly, Nikolai realized that it was not love at all, but … Maybe he needed to meet the forest sorceress so that understand.

… They say that similar stories happen today, only current guys (who have not lost their heads from such mysticism and not disappeared without a trace) usually keep quiet, and if they talk about what happened, then only on the Internet. There are many such stories if you want – believe them, if you want – no, only everything happens in life …

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