Do not feel pain – it’s that simple!

Don't feel pain - it's that simple!A photo from open sources

Probably many of us, when, say, a toothache pain, thought, but why was such torment given to man? And how was it would be great if the pain simply did not exist.

It turns out that not everything is so simple. Pain is a defensive reaction an organism that signals that it’s not all right and urgent need to take some measures. If there is no pain, there is no protection, which simply leads to the destruction of the body.

For example, Stephen Pete, who lives in the United States, like his brother, from births had a rare disease – insensitivity to pain. They are she was not felt at all, which turned their life into a continuous nightmare. Suffice it to say that already in early childhood the brothers were not protected from nothing. When Stephen’s first teeth erupted, he just started chewing their tongue with them. Due to insensitivity to pain, he constantly crippled himself, breaking his arms and legs.

Now, as an adult, Stephen behaves much more carefully, but he has to run to the hospital almost every other day to check whether everything is in order with his health. His brother, who did not want to do this, finally brought his body to such an extent that he was about to face a wheelchair. Not wanting to put up with such a fate, the man committed suicide suicide.

So do not feel pain – this is not far from the reward of heaven, but rather his curse. And if you suddenly got a toothache, and you for this reason they did not sleep all night, going the next morning to to the dentist, thank God that you escaped such a monstrous diseases like insensitivity to pain!

By the way, enlightened personalities can easily turn off the pain, when circumstances so require. They say that such a gift possessed and Jesus Christ, therefore, his “torment” on the cross was not as excruciating as they seem to us from the side. Together with the ability not to feel pain there are also people who do not burn in the fire.

Moreover, such a “button” for turning off pain is available for each person, he just does not know about her or does not remember. For instance, if a small child when he cries in pain, ask mentally find this “button” in your head and click on it, in In most cases they make it easy. And then he forgets about all pain. Moreover, such a shutdown occurs only for a while and does not turn a person into a disabled person. And if you work with this “button” constantly, then your child may well grow up, keeping access to it. But this is truly beautiful acquisition for life!

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