Do psychics play gambling?

Do psychics play gambling?Photos from open sources of

Perhaps each of us has ever thought: why people, with the ability to psychic perception, not become millionaires, winning fabulous amounts in casinos, on hippodrome, in lotteries and on stock exchanges? After all, it would seem if you can predict the future, nothing is easier than doing Let’s bet on football matches, knowing in advance which of the two teams will win. If we were clairvoyants, we would probably acted.

But by the way, we, in fact, are sure that mediums do not win in gambling? Every day, dozens of people pluck a big jackpot in the lotto, poker at the races. How do we know that in all these cases did the lucky winner rely solely on luck? Getting solemnly massive bill for a multi-million dollar amount, you would become make a statement that this gain is the result of your supernatural abilities? Your relatives would not want friends, so you immediately get rich and them? What about different criminal elements ready for money for anything? Not accidentally abroad, a happy jackpot winner, if desired, can always remain incognito, and by this right many enjoy …

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Psychics Really Gamble

There are many cases when psychics with one or another circumstances succumbed to excitement and rightfully won. TO for example, the famous American clairvoyant Dixon, a fortuneteller not only ordinary people, but also big politicians, led quite modest lifestyle. Once a medium attended an event where over they began to make fun of her, saying that the woman did not even have her own a car. These ridicule pissed off Dixon, and she headed straight away to the kiosk where I bought a lottery ticket. A few days later it turned out that the Sensitive won the Lincoln luxury car, which none of the pranksters could afford.

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The famous mentalist, Israeli Uri Geller, said that once succumbed to the urge to use his rare abilities not according to destination, and visited the casino with only a couple dollars in his pocket. IN that evening he took several thousand from a gambling establishment, however already on the way home I heard an inner voice that angrily reproached a medium for such an act. Since then, Geller no longer contacted gambling. After all, as he claims, it’s easy to lose my gift from above …

Here is another interesting case. A few years ago in one of French Riviera casino began to visit French won huge sums there. Facility Management Fast realized that this is not an ordinary visitor, and demanded from him explanations. He admitted that he has the gift of foresight that allows him to accurately bet all his money on a happy number. The man was made clear that he can no longer attend gambling establishments of the Cote d’Azur, threatening physical harm, and the alleged psychic is actually no longer there appeared.

The edifying joke of a psychic

At the end of the last century, one of the employees of the American The Washington Post published an ad in which sarcastically stated that he would write an article about any medium who can win at the casino several times in a row. In the same week a newspaper worker received a call from a certain anonymous person who dictated a list of numbers to the journalist and advised him every night go to a gambling establishment, making appropriate bets on roulette.

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Starting with little money, an employee of the publication in surprise found that he was able to win every time. However, in last night he bet too much and lost it, completely crossing out all his previous victories. “Last time a double zero fell out on roulette, right? “he read in a letter, which the postman brought him the next morning. Worker “The Washington Post “had to fulfill his promise and tell newspaper subscribers about what happened. After the publication of the article ridiculed by both colleagues and readers. However, he assured himself the ability of psychics to predict a win.

Do psychics need easy money?

However, all this is more likely an exception to the rule. And the rule itself such that extrasensory abilities do not allow their carrier making easy money. Moscow Sensitive Valentine says that for the medium positive energy is only the money that customers agree to give as a reward from pure heart. That’s why you need to beware of psychics and healers who charge for their services: it’s just charlatans.

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Wealth gained through stock superpowers exchanges or when playing the lottery, and at all regarded by the universe as cheating, and such money will not bring medium happiness, rather they will call trouble upon him. According to Valentine, the thing is that extrasensory abilities are given to a person from above not just like that are intended for completely different purposes.

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Polish fortune teller Adelaide, living and working in Krakow, argues that this psychic should abandon worldly values ​​and live solely on donations equally and indiscriminately helping as those who can pay for such services, and those who are generally deprived of money. According to Adelaide, such the decision comes to clairvoyants only in adulthood, and according even the most gifted seers can demonstrate youth greed, and sometimes even real greed. However it is often robs them of the abilities that they receive from birth …

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