Doctors are trying to “put to sleep” a girl who did not sleep with birth itself

Little Haley Rivera has not slept for more than three hours since its birth. Parents deprived of normal sleep here for 18 months, turned to specialists for help. Hayley Rivera had never slept all night since the moment she was born 18 months ago.

“When she was about 2 weeks old, she did not sleep at all. I it seemed strange that the baby does not sleep most of the day, “- says Jennifer Stella, a loving and sleepless mother of three children.

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The situation has not changed in the house of his father. Every month the disease progressed, Stella noticed that Haley was snoring, and sometimes, waking up, gasping for air. Maximum girl sleeps on two to three hours at a time. Desperate for help, Stella turned Dr. Haviva Vehler, Director of the Baby Sleep Center. Modern a sleep center that opened less than a year ago has modern equipment and a team of doctors on children’s sleep, otolaryngology, neurology and psychology.

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“The most important thing I want to convey to my parents is that snoring is not just funny noise. This is a serious problem if your child regularly snores. About 10% of children snore, but if it happens loudly and more than three times a week, this may be due to sleep apnea, “- said a doctor specializing in issues like apnea, sleepwalking, nightmares and cramps. Upper respiratory obstruction paths is a serious problem. This means that the child stops breathe for several seconds and so many times during the night, level oxygen in the body is reduced and sleep is disturbed. This is the ultimate in the end, it can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperactivity and learning problems.

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Stella and her ex-husband Edgar Rivera, an ambulance driver help, trying to find a way to help your daughter. They received proposal from the doctors of the center to conduct a study of night sleep Haley. The girl was brought to the sleep laboratory by 7:30 pm – time, at which she usually falls asleep. When the baby fell asleep, specialists started tracking breathing, brain waves, heart rate contractions, oxygen levels and the number of haley’s breath holdings. All it lasted until 6 in the morning. Having analyzed the data obtained, the doctor concluded that Haley was suffering from moderate apnea and added that most of the time the girl woke up on behavioral, not on medical reasons. He advised Stella to put in a crib daughters have more dummies so that when the girl wakes up, she could easily find a nipple and fall asleep. Rivera, who also has have two sons 12 and 7 years old hopes that now Hayley will be delivered correct diagnosis. “When I see newborns and toddlers age, sleeping soundly in their stroller, I think wow Haley never sleeps like that. We really hope that she will be soon sleep well, “said the girl’s father.


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