Doctors can’t solve the mystery self-igniting baby

An unusual hospital has arrived at the hospital in Chennai, India a patient whose disease has baffled doctors: a three-month-old boy suffers from spontaneous body burns. On the last week brought to a medical institution in Chennai a three month old boy named Rahul with numerous body burns. According to medical professionals, for his short life, the boy caught fire without an external source ignition for the fourth time. Doctors cannot unravel the mystery of a self-igniting babyPhotos from open sources Photos from open sources Doctors examined Rahul, but never were able to find the cause of his strange ailment, which is significantly complicated the diagnosis. Doctors put forward a variety of version, but the greatest number of adherents gained theory about vaporization of gases through the skin of the baby. Indian Aesculapius Recognizes which can help little three-month patient, so they it remains only to wait for the stabilization of his condition and write Rahula from the hospital. “We have reviewed all previous cases.” spontaneous combustion only according to the mother, as in the boy’s card there are no medical records. Before the child is discharged, we will conduct a series of tests to establish the type of gas evaporating through his skin. Now the child is in the intensive therapy and its condition is assessed as stable. Probably, in two weeks the patient will be discharged, ”- reported to reporters head of the pediatric department Narayana Babu (Narayana Babu). The mother of an unusual child told doctors that the first spontaneous combustion incident occurred when her son was just nine months. “Then people thought that I myself had burned Rahula. But this is not so – it lights up on its own. Because of illness we lost everything of our child: good relations with others, work and peace, ”she complains. However, not all doctors believed the story of the mother of a strange baby. So, combiologist Jagan Mohan (Jagan Mohan) considers the version with spontaneous combustion a hoax. “Stories about spontaneous combustion of a person are attempts to introduce people astray. I emphasize once again: a child cannot ignite spontaneously, the doctor insists. – Pot alcoholics contains a very small percentage of alcohol, but even they do not complain of a sudden the ignition of his body. ” Until Rahulu is put the correct diagnosis, he will receive only symptomatic treatment.

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