Doctors confirm: Indian man lives on Sun and water

A photo from open sources As has been widely reported, research confirmed that a 62 year old Indian man is constantly observed in the hospital 24 hours a day, spent 120 days without food. He maintained a normal level of activity, consuming only water and looking at the sun! Doctors from native India, as well as scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University in the USA independently tested this phenomenon and named it (HRM) by name the hero of Hira Ratan Manek. Manek – mechanical engineer who refers to the human brain as “super-computer” and eyes, like a “keyboard”. He says that “Solar energy absorbed by the eyes eliminates the mental disease, physical illness, spiritual ignorance, and makes life is happy and peaceful. “He explains that” nourishment by the sun “, (“sun science”, “prano-feeding” in another terminology) is best carry out standing barefoot on the ground and, what is the most important guarantee is that “the sun should only be considered in the last the hour of sunset or the first hour of sunrise. “” It was at this time that the Sun emits virtually no harmful ultraviolet rays “(available in mind UV index 0-2) . Manek reports that he didn’t eat solid food, since 1995, but in some cases he rarely consumed buttermilk or tea while entertaining guests. It is interesting to note that the medical testing of the Hira Ratan Manek phenomenon and the results scientific work on the study of “feeding the sun” were not widely lit, and neither the medical nor the scientific community as a whole were recognized as valid.

Why did the signal of non-recognition come from one and the other? If “nourishment by the sun” is charitable, why not accept its armament and not to study? If what Manek demonstrates, is a hoax, why is this not officially announced? And here is the conclusion of the Indian doctors who conducted the experiment with Manek back in 2001.

Sri Hira Ratan Manek. Mechanical engineer. India. 2001

Article published in the Gujarat Medical Journal March 2001, pp. 31-35 INTRODUCTION Recently in Ahmedabad (India), a historic and amazing incident occurred. Gentleman named Sri Hira Ratan Manek, Shri Hira Ratan Manek (N.R.M), aged 64 years old, mechanical engineer, permanently resident in the city of Calicut, originally from Kutcha, Gujarat just installed wonderful world record by spending continuous fasting in for 411 days, according to the Jain tradition. (I.e. adoption only water during the daytime and no other food or liquids). Similar fasting experience for 211 days he did in 1995-1996. This time, he began fasting with 1.1.2000, the unique thing was that this time, he was under continuous daily medical supervision and subjected to sophisticated medical research with a thorough assessment a group of experienced doctors representing various fields medical science, including family doctors, therapists, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, surgeon, pathologists, genetics, radiologist, radiologist and so on. Also, from time to time, other groups of doctors, chemists, biochemists, physiologists and several doctors of all different specialties, like from India and from abroad spent time to meet with him and explore it. Everyone was passionate about the uniqueness of fasting, but every area of ​​medical science asks how it became possible. You will agree that according to today’s scientific to knowledge, it’s impossible, it’s extremely difficult to explain this case, even if a person is recognized as superman or hereditary predisposed person. Now we know about 200 people, living without food on this earth. The author of this hypothesis was also among the team of doctors and examined the subject several times during his participation in a unique fasting. Author like any scientist was skeptical about this gentleman and really subjected this gentleman to the toughest and most critical analysis (keeping him in a nursing home more than a month, isolating him in the room, not allowing anyone to stay with him, etc.). All other doctors also performed meticulous verification. We are all fully convinced of the uniqueness of experience and the resulting scientific confusion. Making sure fully in the reality of what is happening, the staff of doctors suddenly realized that the ball was on the side of the doctors, since now they had to explain how this gentleman could do it. Like a normal person, he talking, walking, meeting people, giving lectures, and talking intellectually and logically, that is, all of his systems are normal cognition included. Ultimately, the author was granted task to try to put forward any hypotheses. Author accepted this task and realized that he was far from a solution. His the most difficult task was to combine reality occultism and spiritual science and our experimental science, which had natural limitations. So the author tried develop a hypothesis that is initiated by logic, then applies accessible scientific knowledge ultimately applies again logic leading to “TECHNICAL VISION”. Therefore he is not claims that the things presented here are completely scientific, but he vouches for your great experience and that you will have a chance to Explore some fantastic opportunities. Who knows how truth can unfold these possibilities in the coming years. The author has already received several inquiries over the Internet.

Hypothesis This is truly unique. You will agree that such a long continuous fasting for religious and scientific goals under the scrupulous daily supervision of doctors is unheard of. The goal of the fasting of Mr. Ratan Manek is the spread of non-violence and other high mottos, and to create awareness of solar energy. The purpose of the experience is also to resolve the four sides of the human crisis (physical, mental, food and neurological). It looks fantastic and absolutely amazing, but this is not a myth. This did not happen in the Himalayas or remote jungle; it happened in a million city Ahmedabad (India) in the constant presence of the public and under strict medical supervision and supervision of a group of experienced Doctors. There is no reason to be a skeptic, you can personally be present and directly inspect and thoroughly research Mr. Ratan Manek, as we doctors have been doing all these months, becoming his friends. Several visitors could also see him. day and night. No questions were raised about his location. All of them were satisfied with the purity of experience. He was even in a private sanatorium for more than a month – both for critical review, so and for medical research. He was isolated from relatives, who stayed in Calicut. He lived in a two-room apartment, in which was completely lacking food of any kind. Several doctors from India and from abroad from time to time investigated it and were unable to explain the scientific basis modern clinical data in explaining the unique fasting. A group of doctors carried out the control (medical examination, like laboratory testing) during this fasting. It included a doctor of medical sciences Sudhir Shah (neurologist), Dr. Nalin Givala, Viresh Patel, Navnit Shah (therapist and endocrinologist), K.K.Shah (general surgery), Kalpesh Shah (radiologist), Gaurgei Sutaria (radiologist), Jayesh Shet, P.G. Shah, Prakash Doshi (family doctor) and some others. It was the 411th day of participation in Ratan Manek’s hunger strike (February 14, 2001). He started fasting 1.1.2000, He participated in complete starvation at the call of the leader Jains. He consumed only boiled water daily between 11 a.m. AM to 4 PM, without taking other fluids and food. Any there were no intravenous or intramuscular injections. Medical observation began a few days before the fasting program and lasted until the described day. It consisted of daily written registration of pulse, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, water consumption, urine output, weight, etc. Periodically, monthly or bi-weekly, appropriate hematological and biochemical (basic and advanced) research. An ECG was performed regularly. UZDG (ultrasonic dopplerography), EEG (electroencephalography), CT (computer tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of the brain were made at the end of the first year by a group of doctors consisting of therapists, practicing doctors, surgeons, cardiologists, endocrinologist and neurologist who regularly and periodically examined him from the first day of his hunger strike. Amazing that excluding weight loss of 19 kg, which is the last three months stabilized without further decline, a slight decrease heart rate and blood pressure, a certain decrease respiratory rate, from the original 18 per minute to 10 per minute at the time examination, there was no other medical pathology. Even mental and psychic abilities were absolutely normal. He stopped having stools after 16 days of fasting and his diuresis maintained in the range of 600 to 800 ml per day. Indicators of it blood sugar ranged from 60 to 90. The remaining parameters are all in normal limits. Most surprisingly he is on his own climbed the famous Mount Shatrunjay (Palitana) 02/02/01 on the 4th his fasting day along with 500 Jaina pilgrims without outside assistance in 1.5 hours. It is surprising. Is not it? But which hypothesis do we put forward? How does science look at this?

According to modern scientific understanding, with normal circumstances of prolonged fasting (in case of accidental circumstances and in emergency situations) a person quickly loses weight. First, carbohydrates are consumed. Then during the first week in ketones appear in the urine. Then the proteins are burned. Most recent body fat reserves are mobilized and used. Before that happens, a person becomes lethargic, lethargic and irritable, his logic and reasoning become inadequate, decline vital parameters and for 8-10 weeks, according to scientific According to this, physical existence will be terminated. Here such the effect was absent. How do we explain this? How does it work energy math? How does he still stay healthy with normal intelligence, with normal mental abilities? There is still no reliable explanation. (as this is the world’s first case of long starvation under medical supervision), but there must be some logical scientific hypothesis. Explaining quite a bit, she leaves a lot questions for further research. Open at the same time several new directions for further work (for example, the problem of obesity, the possibility of space energy, function pineal gland). We propose a hypothesis that has four basic provisions for explaining energy mathematics Metabolism: Reducing Calorie Consumption in Chronic adaptation.

Getting the main energy from space sources – the main thing way of solar energy. Energy use efficient way and recycling the same energy in your own body. Particular hereditary or phenotypic predisposition organism. Let us consistently discuss these provisions.

1) Chronic adaptation syndrome. Since the body and mind adapt to chronic stress in a healing way in contrast to acute stress, similar body adaptation reactions with chronic fasting (more than 30 days) should be different from body reactions during short starvation (for example, from 3 to 15 days.). No body knows the exact moment at which it adapts to chronic stress but 30 days seem reasonable (correct) time, although it may individually change. This is some kind of inertia. Standard math calories seems logical and applicable to acute starvation, where carbohydrates break down first, appear ketones in the urine and weight loss begins; fat burns and decreases muscle mass, and vital functions can begin to slow down and mental capacity. Thus, in acute fasting wasted energy must come from storage sources in the body in a ratio of 1: 1 consumption to use calories. At chronic adaptation, the body’s metabolism should slow down. Body needs are reduced to a minimum. It is possible with adaptation of cellular and receptor functions to work with minimum energy metabolism. Oxygen and water are delivered to cells as basic substances. At this stage, the center of hunger will be inhibited, and the center of saturation will be activated. So there will be there is no sense of hunger or desire for food. In that the moment the hypothalamus plays an important role (the regulator of the autonomic (autonomous) nervous system and organ of behavior). May be it is possible for such an individual to carry out normal activities with very low energy (500-600 calories) needed for maintaining cellular metabolism. In humans and animals hibernation or living in warmer areas, energy demand may decline further. It depends on the activity. the individual who needs to be provided with energy. On the cell level, mitochondria can play an important (vital) role in energy storage during reproduction. In the mechanism of chronic Other cell organelles may also be involved in adaptation. 2)Energy derived from Cosmic sources – Solar energy. No matter how low the required amount of energy, it should come from some source. He drank only boiled water, which, according to scientific data, has almost no high-calorie values. Or does she really supply some kind of energy? He is not consumed no food or liquids except boiled water. Means to control cellular metabolism and commit daily activities, he must receive energy from the outside source (from the environment). He lives on earth where he exposed to the sun, earth, water, factories and existing people and animals. All of them are sources of energy available to him, from which he can choose. We will call them cosmic sources energy. Most likely, he receives energy from these cosmic Sources – Cosmic energy. Therefore more correct call this process the energy math than the calorie math – it is a concept worthy of understanding. Of all space sources, the SUN is the most powerful and easily accessible source, and was used for energy by the saints and hermits from antiquity, including the founder of modern Jainism to Mahaviru, yogis, Tibetan lamas and others. Sunny energy has two components: light and heat. Humanity also uses solar energy to operate a solar furnace, solar heating pad, solar car getting it through the solar batteries etc. In the same way, Shri Hira Ratan Manek (N.V.M) almost transformed itself into a solar furnace and has activated solar panels. Solar energy has two components, light and heat (temperature), fortunately, India has rich potential, to receive such superpowerful energy as it has a constant excess of solar energy all the time throughout the year.

In this case – how is the energy of the SUN accumulated (obtained)? The brain and mind are the most powerful recipients (receivers) in the human body. Retina and pineal gland (third eye, or place of the soul, according to Rene Descartes) have photoreceptor cells and can be considered photosensitive organs.

Method performed by Shri Hira Ratan Manek (N.V.M) advises daily look at the sunrise with open eyes and how much possibly without blinking. You need to start with a few seconds and then increase practice time every week so that ultimately bring the duration to a few minutes. Eyes and especially retina must be healthy. Like the kingdom of plants, violently sprouting on chlorophyll and photosynthesis directly dependent on the sun when we hypothesize solar energy, some photosynthesis or photolysis must take place (photodecomposition, photodecay). Through a system of paths and separate paths, this energy must enter the body. It has yet to be investigated, whether she enters the physical body directly or through an aura human body (please ask for information on Kirlian photography). It’s very possible that a person’s aura plays a regulatory role in transmitting this energy to the physical body. There is a path from retina to the hypothalamus called retinogipotalamichesky tract. It brings information dark and light periods to suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) of the hypothalamus. Of SCN pulses along the nerve tracts travel through the pineal nerve (sympathetic nervous system) to the pineal gland. These impulses inhibit (inhibit) the production of melatonin. When is this impulse stops (at night or in the dark when the light no longer stimulates hypothalamus), the pineal gland is inhibited, and melatonin is released. Pineal gland (or third eye) is therefore a photosensitive organ and important timekeeper for the human body. Perhaps here is partly the unexplored process of energy synthesis and transformations (transformations) of energy of the sun. Obvious the need to study the details of modern scientific literature and also comparing it with ancient Indian spiritual texts and with Western occultism and more modern ideas.

Stimulation of the pineal gland is a key step in the mental, spiritual and energy transformation processes. Here in this iron, transformation and redistribution could occur energy. The pineal gland is perceptive (refined, elusive) commander of all endocrine glands therefore managing the humoral system. Through the secretion of melatonin he also regulates the circadian rhythm, the sleep and wake cycle, it also slows down the aging process. It has mental properties and is the seat of the soul or mind (mind) – the so-called third eye. Perhaps that is why teak is located on the forehead, in front of with a pineal body, and yogis meditate with their eyes closed, concentrating at a point between two eyebrows. This is the Ajna Chakra. tantric system. Her arousal may be related to lengthy yoga and meditation techniques or practice (assimilation) of solar energy. According to a recent study on animals, the pineal gland also inhibits growth and metastasis of some tumors. She has a challenging effect on the immune system. In birds and other animals, it has magnetic properties and therefore it is a navigation center in birds. Scientists are looking for (studying) magnetic, navigational properties of the pineal gland in humans. Moreover, through secretion serotonin, it is associated with mental experiences, synaptic transmission and some unknown powerful occult abilities. Great research is needed to justify the correctness of this, although some initial research is already supported this view, for example the chemical structure of LSD (a drug used for mental experiments) is similar serotonin. So, stimulation of the pineal body and charging the solar energy is a necessary step and passage to the energy highway. In other words, it can be an activator of kundalini. shakti (activate the energy of kundalini). Normal pineal human body gland measures 6 x 8 mm. According to computed tomography of magnetic resonance imaging of Mr. Hira Ratana Manek her dimensions are 8×11 mm. (enlarged!). It can serve indirect evidence of the important role of the pineal gland in energy conversion. However, it is not necessary that anatomical enlargement always reflected hyperfunction. Should also increased hormone secretion, i.e. levels melatonin and serotonins. Hyperfunction can even be without anatomical increase. Then we have to study the size pineal and hormonal levels mentally and spiritually developed people or people with extraordinary abilities. Since since mankind began to ignore the mental and spiritual possibilities, the pineal gland just switched to physical and material level, and therefore endless achievements ruined for humanity. Humanity must now again learn to activate the pineal gland and other mental spiritual bodies through the work of cosmic energy, the practice of Rajayoga, tantric paths or other similar practices. Can imagine that when transmitting high energy voltage through shaktipat (spine), as yoga is sometimes done to transfer energy to your worshiping students can be used pineal gland or similar formations. This solar (light and heat) energy can be converted into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in the body. Once transformed, this energy must be transported and stocked up somewhere else. Actually the ultimate form of all energies is light. Energy and light can be converted into matter (substance) and back again into energy. The hypothalamus is a regulator of the autonomic nervous system. system, the pineal gland is close to the hypothalamus and connected with it through the autonomic nerves. Therefore, it is logical that the new energy conversion can activate this system or use her as an intermediary. Parasympathetic nerves, their hormones and chemicals may be more beneficial than sympathetic system. For example, the sympathetic system increases body needs (e.g. meditation, tension of struggle, excitement (excitement), etc.). Parasympathetic system like known to reduce energy requirements. She keeps at human serenity and mental calm and translates metabolic needs are lower and cause sleep. We can also assume that other hormones exist or chemicals also involved in this complex system energy transformation. It is well known that the pituitary and pineal glands are well connected through regulatory hormones and nerves. At that while the pituitary gland expresses and regulates the physical body, we saw that the pineal gland expresses and regulates mainly mental and spiritual bodies. Thus, complex equilibrium and harmony between these two glands is a very important point in everything health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) or harmonious existence of the human body, and it should be achieved in some way. The role of the temporal lobe may also be important. lobes and limbic system. It can work as a regulator if not a receptor, and may be mentally involved in redistribution energy in the corresponding pathways. Deep in limbic system or in parts of the medulla oblongata this energy can be stored and from time to time, can be removed and reused used. In the middle layer of the medulla oblongata are all vital centers, and therefore it can be considered as a repository life energy. Thus, to explain the energy ensure there are concepts like energy receivers or receptors, processors, analyzers, modulators, transformers, transporters, storages (organs or bodies), etc. Since this the form of energy mathematics is different from the one to which we traditionally used in the form of math calories and food we will call nutrition such as micropower or mental absorption (Manobhakshi Aahar). Here, we discussed the energy of the sun, but you can learn to use any cosmic source, that is, air, water, land, living people, animals, etc. It may be called Surya vigyan (solar perception), but there is also a lunar perception (Chandra vigyan) and stellar (Vanaspati vigyan), as mentioned in our ancient texts. In addition to retina and pineal glands, skin and other senses may also be responsible for receiving energies from these various sources. In short it opens up huge opportunities for us that will need very sincere effort from us to formalize this and practice for the good of humanity. This micro-power can solve the crisis problem. food on earth, and in fact, is the only possible nutrition in the present situation for those who want travel long in space or in the world. Amazing It’s time to pay attention to what our standard food is not the only source of nutrition for the body. Role of the mind (mind). As it is said in this case, at this stage (i.e. the second stage of receiving energy from the sun and converting it into body) the mind can play an important role. It is well known that the mind has huge abilities (the soul has even large or unlimited opportunities). Through the sun and meditation huge opportunities that will bring peace of mind and slow down metabolism (metabolism), as I have already indicated. Mind can do any thing, including so-called miracles. He can revive the body, he can heal diseases, he can know things in advance, and he can manage the laws of physics. The phenomenon of telepathy, reading, teleporting items are all very famous examples abilities of the human mind. If a strong mind decides to starve, he can of course do it. Single object or pineal iron is the mind itself. It is still unclear whether the mind can exist. separately, or it is in the pineal gland. According to some according to each cell has a mind (capable of thinking) and therefore the mind is a common organized electromagnetic and a biochemical continuous process, and one thing is clear that outside of all body organs, the mind has direct access to cosmic energy. Our mind – retraction or protrusion of the cosmic mind and cosmic energy, and the pineal gland could be the center in this case important button of the mind. Faith and blessings from Yogis and Gurus have them own roles in support in adverse conditions. IN religious days, high spirited and cultivated atmosphere, several people surprisingly do unusual things; like walking on fire or punching pointed swords through them bodies without damaging themselves. 3) Energy Economics effective in recycling energy in your own body: those who chronically deprived of energy, learn to use affordable energy in more efficient ways – so that even in low energy metabolism of the body and vital functions, they are not suffered. This is quite logical, and you can imagine this case in persons caught up in natural disasters or abandoned in sea, or returning after conquering great heights, etc. and able to live for several days or weeks without food. You can also hypothesize that these people can to be energy recirculators in their own bodies. It could be done through complex exponential mechanisms neural and humoral blocks. Solar energy dissipated through the body, can be absorbed into the ground and walking barefoot over soil, may help the absorption of this energy through the outer layer toes; as Shri Hira Ratan Manek (N.V.M) does regularly and always preaching this method so people can recycle energy. This may be due to the principles of acupressure or reflexology. (4) Genotypic or phenotypic body predisposition: we must also explore this aspect carefully, as this leaves the area for important discussion – can everyone, and every individual, use the energy of the sun and if so, how effective? Only time can answer this question. It is known that each individual has his own special genetic code and each body has different physical opportunities. Therefore, someone is ready to accept this solar energy, can transform and store it in a better way, use more efficiently and even recycle it while like another person is not capable of it to the same extent. Consequently, scientific experiments must be accepted. Quite it is possible that many people are able to try their hand, put some experiment and on myself, of course, under control and close supervision of doctors. With medical supervision, a similar experiment on volunteers to further study this The phenomenon is quite acceptable. Another possibility is that, we we can use a gene-imitating technique. Preserving cellular structure of Shri Hira Ratan Manek (N.V.M), we can imitate it or use its gene for gene transfer therapy. Regardless of what we do, the use of space energy will move forward all of humanity, this can change his fate. Before In total, the food crisis will be resolved. Through the launch of this higher energy in the body and its conversion into electrical, chemical and magnetic forms, a person can not only enjoy the condition, free from disease. Its brilliance can impress a few enemies, and hostility can break up. His mental illness may disappear. With the refinement of mental and intellectual capacities, you can use brain energy from 90 to 100%, compared with 3 – 10 %, as we usually use. Then comes the dominance of the world and prosperity. No food will be needed, bad thoughts and bad feelings will be stopped, the world will be directed so that follow this path. It will also question the standard math calories. It disputes the usual, calorie-based science. At the same time, complex problems of obesity and malnutrition can be readily explained and addressed through a concept solar and cosmic energy. Perhaps this will clarify the very obesity problem: it is possible that obese people, although they do not have excess food consumption, but not at all suspecting this, they take energy from cosmic sources. The concept of cosmic energy can be used in this way for the dramatic growth of human capabilities at all levels: physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. This has great prospects. Extensive research work therefore must be immediately undertaken by all who not indifferent to the future of mankind. These are scientists, bioengineers, doctors and even simple ascetics, who can also make their own feasible contribution to work on this highly potential and a fascinating space energy project. Exponential Mr. Hira Ratan Manek’s 411-day experiment was completed 14 February 2001 and the first meal was made by him the next day – February 15 in the presence of many ordinary people and saints, His Highnesses of Governor Gujarat, respected Mayor of Ahmedabad and others dignitaries. * Dr. Sudhir V. Shah M.D., D.M. Neurophysician 206-8, Sangini Complex, Nr. Parimal Crossing, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380 006. Ph .: (Clin.) (091) 792-646 70 52 (Res.) (091) 792-662 17 42. Hon. Neurologist: H.E. The governor of Gujarat, India. President: Asso. of Physician of A’bad. (97-98) Hon. Asst.Prof. of neurology: Sheth K.M School of PGMR Smt. N.H.L. M.M College Hon. Neurologist: V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad. Jivraj mehta Smarak Hospital I acknowledge suggestions & help received for this hypothesis. From: (1) DR. Navneet Shah M.D. FICA (USA) Doctor endocrinologist (C) 6425566. (2) Dr. Gargey Sutaria (M.D.) & Kalpesh Shah (M.D.) Cardiologist Usmanpura C. T. Scan Center. Clinical Assistants: Dr. Nalin Gheewala M.D. therapist. Doctor K.K. Shah M.S. surgeon. Dr. Viresh Patel M.D. therapist. Doctor P. G. Shah M.B.B.S. Family doctor. Dr. P.D.Doshi M.B.B.S. Family doctor. Article published in the Gujarat Medical Journal March 2001, p. 31-35

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