Does the monster live near Kobyakovka?

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Kobyakovskoe settlement was overgrown with secrets and legends that go deep into the middle ages. This tragedy occurred around 1949. year. A group of soldiers were tasked with exploring underground caves. in the Kobyakovsky settlement and the adjacent gully. At that time in the area of ​​the fortification is approximately where the restaurant is now located “Ocean”, on the border of Rostov and Aksay, it was planned to build command center of the North Caucasian Military District. In case of warriors. Envisaged and construction of a network of underground sewers. Kobyakov caves have long been notorious among the local population. There people often disappeared, cattle disappeared. Explored the caves and scientists. Archaeologists Kokoshin and Vitkov discovered that some of caves – it would be more correct to call them underground passages – very long and branched. It was in these dungeons and sent command of two soldiers. Make a general plan. Military personnel Equipped thoroughly: stock of products, rechargeable flashlights (mining “horse racing”), telephone with cable. That’s just not a weapon issued – who to shoot at? The first campaign ended happily. The soldiers returned … However, the second sortie turned into a tragedy. At first, the soldiers stopped receiving signals. After some co-workers pulled out a telephone cable. His end was soaked and drenched in blood. Reported to the authorities … For a while This fact was discussed and comprehended by the authorities. Therefore rescue the expedition was equipped only the next day. This time to the cave sent soldiers armed with machine guns. Rescuers returned with bodies of comrades. Eyewitnesses say that both soldiers were torn to pieces. One had no head, but meat was torn from bones and leather. The other was missing almost half of the body … It seemed that a monster had attacked the soldiers … Returnees said that the cave is very long, has side branches. At one of the intersections, they were just discovered the bodies of the dead. Once some shadows appeared on the soldiers, and they opened fire … Vyacheslav Borisovich told me this thorium Zaporozhtsev, researcher of Kobyakov caves and tunnels. Vyacheslav Borisovich made a rough plan of the dungeon, in which soldiers died. The entrance to the cave is located on the side of the current freeways. Further, passing under the Kobyakovsky fortification and turning several times at right angles, Zaporozhtsev went to a small underground lake. According to the researcher, along the lake was to go to the entrance to another tunnel. But he was not examined – still it was scary. Do these tunnels have artificial origin or natural – Zaporozhtsev did not understand. VENICE Our second story relates to completely different places. and by another time. According to legend, people who settled on the banks The lagoons (later this place was called “Venice”), made human sacrifices to a certain monster. The monster lived in the waters washing the Lagoon, and received the name “terrifying crocodile”. This creature – or rather, its sculpture – today sits on top one of the columns of the Doge’s Palace. It was later believed that the monster lives near the island of San Miquel, and in the Orphan Canal live souls brought sacrificed to a crocodile. In the Middle Ages they threw it into the waters of the Lagoon criminals. It has been documented that from 1551 to 1604, 203 executions were carried out. Unfortunate prisoner visited first a monk, and then the executioner. The victim was explained the method of execution – so that the soul trembles already in advance. The next night of the prisoner – bound and gagged – they were taken to the Orphan channel. There him suddenly thrown into the dark still water of the canal … The executioners did not lingered at the place of execution, and tried their best to quickly get out to a calmer place. BARBARO What is common between these two stories? “- the reader will ask. It turns out – one family connecting distant Venice and neighboring Kobyakovskoe hillfort. Historians are well known for the genus of Venetian nobles last names of Barbaro. Known for these Barbaro is not the best. Them the surname is associated with the cult of the above-mentioned sea monster. Practiced Barbaro and “red magic”, which was the basis of cults vampires and vampirism. Family coat of arms – red circle on silver field. Once Admiral Barbaro chopped off the Moor’s hand during a battle. Tore a turban from a gentile’s head and spent a bleeding stump on it is a triumphal red circle which, in a sign of victory, raised to mast of his ship. Barbaro was also associated with the Church of the Bloody saints. “From the history of occultism it is known that some of the adepts this church has been scouring the world for magic items, as well as ancient witchcraft knowledge … In 1436, the Venetian merchant by the name of Josaphato Barbaro suddenly appeared in our area – in Thane (modern Azov). Here the Venetian lived 16 years. From his diary entries (they are published, translated into Russian and called “Journey to Tanu by Josaphato Barbaro, Venetian nobleman “) it follows that Don Barbaro and all his compatriots brought here the search for the treasures of the Scythian kings. Treasures were buried Alans in a mound called “Contebe”, 60 miles from Tana. – Now, among historians, the opinion that Barbaro excavated It is on the site of the Kobyakovsky settlement. Jehoshaphato outfitted in Kobyakovka two expeditions – each for several months. Total number the workers hired by the Venetians exceeded 300 people. “To diggers” paid in gold, so a lot of money was spent. By official version, foreigners did not find anything. But oddly enough Barbaro was not too upset about this fact. That’s what he writes in his diary: “… We found everything as predicted. Therefore, we still more believed in what we were told … “But what can read in Bulletins No. 1–6 for 1927 of the North Caucasus Bureau local history of Rostov-on-Don. “In 1926 a random find an earthen cave discovered at the extreme towards the mouth of the Kobyakovskaya beam hill hill … According to the expedition, inspection of the found cave, which had an earthen vault and by pilots, allows you to define it as a Byzantine room crypts – an underground chapel. “That’s, in fact, that’s all. I was looking for Does Barbaro Have This Chapel? What was that chapel? Which worshiped in it? Does a monster live near Kobyakovka, similar to a mythical venetian crocodile? Approve no I’m taking it … … Today, the Kobyakovskoe fortification still beckons researchers. True, independent. Dozens every year they are looking for treasure hunters; here are Scythian treasures. Official bodies lost interest in the settlement – it is no longer a guard zone … Oleg GE. Water Time Monsters Caves

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