Dolmens are the source of Strength

Dolmens are the source of StrengthA photo from open sources What secrets do dolmens keep in themselves? By whom and for what purpose were these ancient mysterious structures created? Which mission they carry on Earth? The period of dolmens passes, their task coming to an end, and would like to pay tribute and many thanks to those strong and beautiful souls who accomplished this feat of courage in the name of great love for us, a feat in the name of the rebirth of mankind. 1. Mysterious facilities

I first saw dolmens in meditation twenty years ago when the country still lived for five years. There was a vision of unusual shape constructions from which tremendous power came. And only after years, in the eighty-ninth year, fate led me to these facilities. It was on the Renaissance, my group and I seminarians walked through the woods and suddenly went to the mysterious megaliths. The places were virgin. Amazed by the amazing peace and tranquility of this place. Since then, I often began to come here alone and with in groups to conduct excursions. At the same time, I discovered all new dolmens. Not knowing the road, I just walked along the forest in a stream, and power led me to them. And after the books of Vladimir Megre began people come to dolmens alone or in small groups, felt the call of the soul. And then the guides picked up the case. and now, in columns of buses, people are driven into dolmens. I was It is interesting to observe how dolmens act and what changes occur in people who have been here. Tracking your first the group that I led to the dolmens, I saw that everyone Subsequently, enormous changes in fate took place. At this time I received a huge flow of information, both from the dolmens themselves and through people who were attracted here. It was information that how these megaliths were created, information about the Universe and about the strength of spirit, which we cannot use. 2. Megaliths, awakening soul

Groups of people who were attracted to me on excursions are always were very small – five to nine people. Power led precisely those people who were affected by dolmens. Tracking them, I noticed interesting program: all these people were in search. And what is Search? A person intuitively feels that he is ready to accept something new, something to realize and change in your life. Everyone goes here behind the secret that it is here that he needs to receive. Someone throws from dolmen to dolmen, and he gains strength and information from each, and someone is attracted to one dolmen. There is a dolmen which I call “Woman.” Women who cannot something in decide whether they are hurt like women him. I was surprised that once, a young guy sat at this dolmen. But I saw that this was no accident – since he denied the masculinity in himself, dolmen helped him return to his true nature, adjusting male energy in it. Interesting cases occur with children on dolmens. Children have a connection with their still very strong in spirit, not clogged with prohibitions and imposed parents a false understanding of reality. Clinging to some dolmen, children say: “I felt that something was pulling me here! “. Once a family from the Moscow region joined our group: mother with father and their fifteen year old daughter. The girl lay on the lid dolmen with a pose of Aphrodite to take a picture, and suddenly says to parents: “Oh, mom, I see how the old man with a white beard is towards you fits and changes color around you! Dad! He has something over you makes a head! Flowers bloom in your head! How interesting!”. Parents did not pay attention to this, thinking that her daughter was joking. A when they came back, the girl began to tell everyone in the group, what happened to everyone, as usual I do it on the way back. Women began to approach her as an adult, and ask questions. Then the parents got scared. I reassured them by saying that nothing bad did not happen – the girl opened a vision, and it either it closes after a while, or stays with her for life. Highly I often see how the aura of people around these megaliths is changing, although they they themselves do not yet realize that from this moment changes are already beginning in their fate. When we go on an excursion – people are alone, when come back – they are already completely different. Once the group went from dolmens, and the boy in the group constantly looked around all the way. On the the question why he looks around, he replied that it seemed to him that there are fewer people in the group and someone is missing. This Boy intuitively felt that the fields of people after dolmens became easier, so he thought someone was behind. Often observe cases of healing of ailments when visiting dolmens. once I led a group to the Pshad Dolmens, and there was a woman in the group, suffering from severe suffocation. When she was riding the bus from Novorossiysk, all the money was stolen from her, up to a penny. Female so much upset that from these experiences she a throat chakra burned, she began to choke. The lady was resting in a boarding house, and doctors could not help her with anything. Then she decided go to the dolmens. Learning that you have to walk through the forest five to seven kilometers, she already wanted to give up the walk. He says to me: “I won’t reach, I will not have enough breath!”, I reply: “Not worry, you will reach! “, then she decided to join us. What was the surprise of this woman when a day after visiting dolmens cough passed and she felt completely healthy! From each dolmen comes its own powerful information. The latest information carried by dolmens concerns the essence of the earth, the feminine, how to give birth and raise children. There is a dolmen that I feel like the spirit of a woman – sister or mother. Many years ago I was in search, and this dolmen helped me to correct my fate. The first time I went up to him at four in the morning. There was a vision of the spirit of a white woman, and she told me that in My female fate will be a huge change. And what was mine surprise that this happened in my life exactly as shown dolmen! Many say that they do not believe in “miracles,” and are proud of their “materialism”, but when dolmens have their feelings turned on, there is a push after which their worldview begins gradually change. Go husband and wife. The husband does not believe in anything. Came to the dolmens, and I observe the following picture: going around together megaliths, a man suddenly lost his wife, although lost there absolutely nowhere. He started screaming, calling her out loud, while looks at her point blank, and does not see that she is standing right in front of him in deep meditation and cannot move. When she took him by hand, you had to see how he flinched and was surprised! So dolmen involves a person in his new understanding – sometimes very softly, skillfully, sometimes funny, and sometimes, even boldly. Not a single person leaves just like that, untouched – at least always like that going on in my group. If a person does not feel, does not see nothing, but just inside feels peace, inner silence – this is already super! This is the inner silence and grace in which we in the last time almost do not stay. Man does not come here by chance – it brings power. If the dolmens didn’t give anything people wouldn’t just go for a rumor. The thread leading the people is already would break off, and it only grows and grows! Every coming to dolmen is, of course, how to come to the temple. Coming to a place of power you need to be prepared for everything, for any perception, so I am against of giving dolmens names. They gave the dolmen the name “Health” – why do people go to him? Of course for health! And this is strong limits the range of perception. Dolmen gives each person your information, so for some it may not be “health”, and “new awareness,” or “love,” and so on. A lot of information about these megaliths, but the biggest essence of dolmens is consciously and unconsciously in every person who resides there, changes in fate – in that huge book of the Universe, which written every moment in time. That secret information that are dolmens, you need to be able to bring to life. Dolmens teach us believe in yourself, live with your inner strength and create! 3. Live stones revealing the secrets of mankind

Once in meditation I was shown on the Renaissance one destroyed dolmen, subsequently I was very fond of coming to him. One time i lay down on the ground near this dolmen and fell asleep. I see that body the man who went into the dolmen is buried right below me. Later information went on how they went to the dolmen. There was a powerful selection. They showed the last test: a woman enters the dolmen and must close the lid on itself, and the weight of the stone slab is four seconds half a ton! If she couldn’t manage to push the cover, then only eight were allowed to help her. So went to the dolmens the strongest. After the man went to the dolmen, next to him performed rituals. The biggest ritual was in three years: people danced, and then fell at the dolmen in an ecstatic state, walked powerful exchange of energy with a person who has gone into megalith. Hole in dolmen’s front wall was designed to support at first the physical body of the person there. Through a hole was served to him and pots were carried out. Man in dolmen was in a state of deep meditation and gradually sank into samati. The cleaner the dive was, the longer then the physical lived body – up to a thousand or more years! When the body died, the bones reached from dolmen and laid under the bottom plate. After that already myself dolmen began to serve the body as a spirit, replacing the physical biomass. I received a lot of information about past civilizations from dolmen, which I call “Friend.” For a long time I shared with him sorrows and joys. He showed that from these places for the first time the separation of traditional and alternative medicine began, and then internal war went on. It was a program of extermination of man. The “unconventional” part of the medicine was hidden and closed in ashrams, but ashrams began to use this knowledge only for their own strength. Over time, and in them the essence of knowledge was erased, because teachers usurped knowledge, passing it only to the elite and raising your pride. Even then, the decline of mankind began, and the wisest foresaw the coming of our days. Dolmen told me that these places once had observatories. There are not many who knows about it, but now there are special places around dolmens where people themselves are intuitively drawn. At such points a stream passes “Cosmos-Earth”. Feelings of people entering these places, as well as the huge changes taking place with them confirm that, thank you, Lord, you think soundly, and that really is information that dolmens give and which people can accept! People who went to dolmens sacrificed themselves, forever refusing from physical embodiment on Earth. For the period while they were in samati, and then waited for millennia, holding the frame dolmen, in order to save and give their information to people, they became the pure essence of love. Having completed their mission on Earth, they go to Higher, dissolved in the light. See how huge the power is the spirit of these people that for more than ten thousand years Dolmens still stand, contrary to all earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, when only under the thickness of the leaves that fell during this time, dolmens could completely go underground! When the dolmen works out the spirit that kept here his information leaves the dolmen – megalith collapses. Archaeologists are trying to restore, reanimate the Dolmens, but this useless! It’s stupid to try to put together dolmen plates, as in such artificial structures there is no longer strength! No coincidence now there is such a huge pilgrimage of people to dolmens. Intensified the flow of people in recent years means that this place of power will soon will complete its task and close. In the history of the earth, this happens. constantly: one place of power closes, and another awakens – Earth does not leave people without a spiritual source. I thank God for the fact that I was lucky to visit dolmens when they have not yet been destroyed! 4. Take care of dolmens – our spiritual heritage!

It is very disturbing and sad to see that recently dolmens are destroyed not only because they completed their task, but also from thoughtless human onslaught. They are groaning from such an invasion! it only in spring can you come to them to see that space recovered a little bit! It is painful to see such an attitude of the people towards dolmens! First, the houses were dismantled, and now the business is they are made, people are brought there by truck with beer, to jump, climb and take pictures? And science is trying to dig to do! Gentlemen, explain what you are looking for there? All to the point it’s equally not to get to the bottom, because the essence of dolmens is otherwise laid down – in that you have always denied, serving as a tool against “dissent”! Why dolmens should spend their last energy to keep yourself from breaking down after your digging, distracting yourself from of his great mission – to light a divine spark in people? once I come to the Nexis, and the spirit of the dolmen says to me: let’s go to our the place you see – I cannot enter my house. I look – climbed into dolmen with tambourines, drums, flags, knock and sing songs. So why do we go to places of power with our charter, how to go home? There is no reverent attitude, no purpose to get your true “I” – there is only a false understanding imposed by books, teachers, fashion! Why is this attitude to places of power and to ourselves? Why so we do not protect our shrines? Isn’t it clear that this is our spiritual heritage?! Why the whole world goes to Stonehenge to stare – so him fenced with barbed wire, and we have dolmens, the most powerful shrines, collapse from a prudish attitude towards them ?! Think – what are we leave to our children? Turning to everyone who rides dolmens and more going to visit there, I want to say – do not go in the crowd! Don’t go just for the sake of curiosity! Get your true, listen to that Does it want what it lives? If you really hear it, it’s to truth and lead you! Let’s consciously go to the dolmens, treats them with reverence and gratitude – because this is our chance revive in yourself the true Man! Popova I.V.

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