Dolphin, penguins and other animals for months survive in an abandoned aquarium

Dolphin, penguins and other animals survive for months in an abandoned aquariumA photo from open sources

The shocking news came from the Land of the Rising Sun. International media report that in the Japanese aquarium Inubosaki, closed many months ago, still lives dolphin, penguins, as well as many other animals.

An abandoned establishment is located in Tesi Prefecture. Chiba. What happens to some netizens seems mystic, others are struck by a real mystery of nature, as the aquarium stopped working at the beginning of this year, however his the inhabitants are still alive.

A photo from open sources

It is noteworthy: no one feeds animals, since the structure is not accessible to outsiders, and former employees and the administration has long fled. It’s known that the aquarium was closed due to a decrease in the flow of visitors caused by the earthquake and accident at the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant. Unfortunately, the sea the creatures that once entertained vacationers were left here die. Or at least thrown in the hope that about animals others, for example, kind-hearted ecologists, will worry.

Bottlenose dolphin named Hani and several dozen Peruvian penguins currently living in harsh conditions using the same pool water, sometimes slightly diluted by rain. Activists and other animal-minded citizens require local authorities something to do, however officials only shake back shoulders and declare that their hands are tied. Say, start to decide the problem can only be with the former owners of the aquarium, in otherwise, it is a violation of the law.

A photo from open sources

Among other things, hundreds of fish should also live in the pool and reptiles. Perhaps it is they who become the food for Hani and penguins. Japanese activists, meanwhile, do not give up trying to help to animals. They send thousands of paper and e-mails asking to resolve the situation and help to animals. Officials, under pressure from the public, turned to the parent company Inubosaki, but have not yet received from it no answer.

The case, I must say, is even unprecedented in this regard, since the situation would seem to be as simple as five cents, can be resolved, as if someone “holds” it in our the mysterious world …


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