Don’t go to the damn clearing

A photo from open sources

In places called “glades of death”, often all kinds of miracles happen. There people and animals disappear, watches and the compass “go crazy”, flying birds fall dead, and eyewitnesses who survived see all kinds of mirages, mysterious “fogs” and even quite real monsters, from which it’s not just run away. Fire-breathing hole in the ground such glades are located at the very epicenter of a powerful geological fault, causing distortion of space. Among other things, in such places appear in large quantities all kinds of goblin, mermaids, swamps and other unclean forces, starting their “demonic games” with people … One of the most famous “glade of death” located in Siberia on the river Cove. Thirty kilometers from her the confluence of the Angara is the ancient Russian village of Karamyshevo, the shepherds from whom one day, with a long cattle drive, found a rather strange and dangerous place in the taiga: a huge hole in the ground, in which dozens of wild forest animals perished on their eyes in the fire. A photo from open sources In particular, in some detail documented case when passing along a forest path by this strange meadow a local hunter saw a deer jump out on clearing, and after a moment fell through the ground and burned alive. To do not forget yourself and warn others about the danger, shepherds carved on tree trunks surrounding a clearing, image trait with a pointer and called this place “Devil’s Cemetery”. By the way locals are sure that this is the place under Mysterious earth Tunguska meteorite. Over time tremendous the fire-breathing hole was covered with earth, branches, fallen leaves, and eyewitness accounts of the Devil’s Cemetery have changed. Now how they say that animals here do not fall underground, but die directly on the surface it is not clear from what misfortune. They also say that they don’t it’s dangerous for animals and people for a long time to remain in a clearing from The Devil’s Cemetery was rarely returned alive. Got there a certain invisible force holds, and a burning pain pierces the body. Particularly stubborn adventurers burned in the clearing from the inside: the clothes remained intact, and the insides and blood in no time turned to dust. Sometimes at night in the meadow there is a terrible a bluish glow and a ray rises into the sky. Soon after that small balls begin to move above the treetops bright white color. In the afternoon, surprising mirages terrifying hunters. The films were completely illuminated A similar but lesser known “clearing of death” located in the upper reaches of the Tokko River, on the border of the Chita region and Yakutia. “Its surface is as if burnt out a piece of forest with a diameter of about 20-30 meters, says one of Researchers of the geopathogenic zone Igor Chernysh. – earth on it looks charred like after a fire. Thinking, I stepped on clearing, took a few steps and immediately felt sharp and very unpleasant tingling in the whole body. The head suddenly began to pour leaden weight, and colorful circles floated before my eyes; I realized that I’m losing my balance. My comrades, suspecting something was amiss, quickly pulled me out of a dangerous place. Recovering, I talked about the experiences, and it was decided to examine the clearing more thoroughly. First of all, we went around it from all sides. On the clearing not only was not vegetation, but even the branches of trees and bushes around did not grow in her direction. In the midst of the meadow some bumps were visible in the black burnt earth. Looking closely we realized: these are charred carcasses of small animals and birds. Having decided make a detailed plan, got a compass, but he refused to lead normal, the arrow was spinning like crazy and even a considerable distance from the clearing could not calm down! Having been in around the damn place a couple of hours, members of our group started experience some inexplicably anxious feeling. Have begun headaches, heart ached greatly. By making a detailed description clearings and some photos, we tried to leave quickly this is a scary place. However, having already shown film at home, we were incredibly amazed: they were completely illuminated. Gone not only shots taken near and around the clearing, but also all that we shot before that. “Hallucinations have nothing to do with it. Another clearing, where, according to popular rumor, unknown the forces that make a person wander around her are in Vologda region. For the first time, the local press reported it, Recalling the numerous stories of foresters in 1988. And immediately after that, an amateur went to the Vologda forests expedition. The search for a bewitched place that year did not crown success, however, the desire to find him did not disappear, and seven years later a new expedition was organized. This time the expedition members invited as a guide to the local forester who dense forest and led people to a mysterious clearing. She turned out perfectly round and in diameter was one hundred twenty meters. Six researchers were left to conduct on it all kinds of measurements, and two – Nikolai Ignatov and Roman Petrov – went to the forest and … gone! Nicholas was discovered only the next morning. far from the parking lot. The forester said he was lucky. Here impassable swamps began, and he could easily fall into the swamp. Nikolai said that in the forest he constantly saw a clearing with a tent and bonfire. They could be reached at a quick pace for a maximum of three minutes. But no matter how much he walked, everything constantly appeared before him new and new trees, as if in a fairy tale, a goblin made him wander in three pines. Fortunately, Nikolai got off that called a slight fright, but Roman was never found … Despite on the tragic outcome of this expedition, next year to a mysterious place in the dense Vologda forest went a new group of researchers. But this time, the expedition members, leaving with glades in the thicket, constantly tied with a long rope, the end which remained in the clearing, in the hands of the comrades who were on it. One of the researchers, leaving the first day outside the clearing with with a rope on his belt, he claimed that, moving away from the center, everything was moving time right, holding a fire and both tents strictly behind him. But, moving away only twenty meters and turning around, he found that a clearing with tents and a bonfire was on the right, and the rope stretched for some reason to the left! An incredible situation that was hard to find explanation. Only one thing was clear: the glade is “buggy” and distorts reality, forcing people to go deeper into the thicket, to the side impassable swamps! According to the “cabinet” experts, not even approaching the Vologda phenomenon, the cause of strange properties glades and the surrounding forest may be … mercury vapors, sort of like standing out from under the ground! However these couples are somehow weird behave: for some reason they do not go beyond the borders of the meadow. It turns out mercury and its hallucinations have nothing to do with it, and the thing is otherwise. But in what – time and new expeditions will show …

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