Double photographed over Tyumen the sun

A double sun was photographed over TyumenPhoto from open sources

An eyewitness posted on the popular social network “VKontakte” photo of an amazing atmospheric phenomenon. The picture shows the usual sun over the horizon, but it turned out to be near it one more star.

It is a double sun, iridescent with a rainbow and surrounded a mysterious halo, inspired some kind of mystical awe in the witness. Runet users were very interested in the image and began to build various theories regarding the nature of this phenomenon.

The author of the photo himself was not able to find what was rational. explanation, therefore, asked for help from the regulars of the World cobwebs. Some commentators thought it was machinations. representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Others decided it was about a religious sign from above. According to third, strange heavenly the phenomenon portends some major cosmic disaster. Fourth and even claim that the climatic weapon is to blame Americans. Say, the so-called station for the study of the ionosphere HAARP in Alaska performs very different tasks, and all about it they know.

However, the actual explanation of the anomaly turned out to be quite simple. It turned out that this is pargelium – one of the varieties a halo that looks like a luminous spot near the sun. This phenomenon according to experts, arises from the refraction of the solar lights in ice crystals that float in the atmosphere. Similar the effect – parselena – can be observed at night near the moon, if in air again has similar frozen moisture. So nothing supernatural in this picture is not fixed, and excessively impressionable users can breathe easy.

Other things, and in the most seemingly ordinary natural phenomena, like say the wise, there is a pattern, a clue or even hidden secret. No wonder that in Russian there is such a subtle witty saying: if the wind blows in your back, think – do you go there? ..

The sun

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