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Throughout its history, humanity has been concerned with the question: Is there life after death? Religion answers it affirmatively. And official science is negative, because there are no reliable evidence to the contrary. As they say, no one from the other world coming back. Nevertheless, there is evidence, and absolutely objective. Is it psychography or automatic writing when man, against his will, fixes various information on paper, which by itself comes to him. The twin soul knows everything.A photo from open sources This mysterious phenomenon is known since biblical times, and its manifestation is not limited to any geographical areas. But only relatively recently paranormal researchers, coupled with few scientists different profile engaged in his study. Although until the end the mechanism psychography has not yet been unraveled, its main characteristics are already identified with sufficient completeness. Living fountain pen With all the external diversity, it essentially boils down to one thing: unwittingly, the psychographer is involved as a kind of “writing”, like a pen or writing cars, less often artist’s brushes. And this happens in different ways. TO the first kind of psychography is purely mechanical a letter when the operator suddenly has an irresistible desire write. He picks up a pen, but does not understand what he is writing, and to the same is often in a state of trance. But in the second form automatic writing, which can be called informed psychography, the operator perfectly understands the meaning of what he writes, and at the same time, she realizes that she exposes other people’s thoughts. More often all this happens with highly intellectual psychographers, mainly representatives of creative professions: writers, artists, musicians. Many writers of the past spoke directly about this. incomprehensible to them “outside interference” when they are engaged literary creativity. Who is the author? And now try to figure out who the information comes from, which read by the operator in the process of automatic writing. Themselves psychographers do not at all seek to receive it and always serve only passive weapon for transmitting information from some active subject or entities. Moreover, the content of incoming messages varies in an infinitely wide range – from cosmogony to morality, from the events of antiquity to everyday life trifles, that is, they reflect our world in all its diversity. At this all have one thing in common – a virtual correspondent should know the future. Indeed, in psychograms, although rarely, they are contained quite specific predictions that subsequently come true. How much It is known that there are only four reliable predictions. So, on the eve of World War I, the British Society of Mental Research conducted an experiment, a report of which was published in “Notes” of society for 1923. To participate in it, they invited several famous mediums. Everyone went into a trance in which they showed the ability to automatically write: their hands themselves they moved themselves on paper, as if they were controlled by someone invisible. When, after the end of the psychography session, the experimenters began to study texts written by mediums, it turned out that none of They are not like the other. Almost all of them were simply a set of words that are not interconnected and therefore did not contain semantic information. It became clear that the ability of mediums to a state of trance to establish a connection with the souls of the deceased is not appears with automatic writing. Otherworldly correspondents could not or did not want to communicate with them with a pen and paper. Only one text mentioned the “hot breath of war”, “sea tears and blood “, etc. During the second experiment with mediums (24 May 1915), almost a year after the outbreak of war, no there were no mentions of her in psychograms. But in the texts met some strange phrases that are experts of the mental society research, no matter how they tried, could not connect with what was happening in then battles: “The hand stretched out and stopped at Berchtesgaden … Munich Agreement … You will see scary things … nemesis is getting closer and closer. Nothing will stop her … “And only after the outbreak of World War II did these messages make sense: in Berchtesgaden was Hitler’s headquarters, and Nazi aggression preceded by the infamous Munich Agreement. And now back to the source of information contained in psychograms. Based on everything mentioned above, it can only be global information field that contains information about everything that happened in the past is happening now or will happen in the future on our planet, and possibly in the universe. In this case a legitimate question arises: who are these virtual correspondents, having access to the global information field? At present many scientists believe that every person biological system is an energy-informational double. is he arises at the time of his birth as a peculiar a computer matrix that provides more reliable the functioning of the biological subject. Moreover, to to secure a person, this double must exist regardless of their biological system, that is, not inside and outside its physical shell. Moreover, energy-informational double, or, as it is also called, energy essence does not die at the time of our death mortal body, continuing to be an active subject. From point view of religion, it is nothing but a soul. Of course, about no paradise or hell as a place to stay of this entity is not talking. Rather of all, it is in the global information field and is one of the myriad cells of this data bank. At life of a person to such a double constantly receives information about everything that happens to the “ward” and in the world around him. Exactly these data together constitute a vast sea of ​​information, contained in the global field, from where it falls into the psychogram. Since our double exists forever, we can assume that after the death of the body, he is able to establish information contact with other living people with or without sanction of his own energy essence. At the same time, virtual correspondents prefer to act incognito, as if making it clear that they it doesn’t matter what people think of them. But there are exceptions when they tell the recipients their names. Miracle of Glastonbury Abbeys Among Destroyed Architectural Monuments England’s one of the most famous is Glastonbury Abbey, which is considered the most sacred place in Britain. Were here buried king Arthur and his beloved Ginevra. However in further Glastonbury Abbey is gradually declining. In the XVII century, when it was already in a miserable state, the king Henry VIII put the last point in his centuries-old history, hanging the only remaining abbot in front of the church. The building is the church itself and other buildings were blown up, the stones are crushed and burnt to lime. In 1907, an English archaeologist and architect Frederick Bly-Bond set himself the task of unearthing the ruins the abbey, and establish the location and size of the two chapels erected in honor of Edgar the Martyr and the Mother of God of Loretta. These buildings were mentioned in the early descriptions of the abbey, but where they stood and how they looked, no one knew. Main difficulty was that the archaeologist had no starting point for excavation, and without it, to begin excavation did not make sense. Searches in ancient archives yielded nothing. And then Bly Bond decided as an experiment, get my old friend to help Captain Bartlett, who claimed he could receive information about the past using automatic writing. November 7, 1907 the archaeologist invited Bartlett to his Bristol office and asked pick up a pencil. Then, lightly touching your fingers to pencil of a medium, Bly-Bond turned to an invisible correspondent and asked: “Can you tell us something about Glastonbury? “However, no response was received. So far, the archaeologist and Bartlett recalled various stories from a hunting life, a pencil, which the psychographer continued to hold in his hand, suddenly scratched the only uneven line: “All knowledge is eternal and accessible sincere thoughts of the mind. “Both friends were surprised and puzzled. They later admitted that they did not know how to treat it. short message: as a beginning or as an end? What could it mean? Should they themselves seek an answer or ask and wait for an answer? They are decided to ask. On the same day, to questions asked by Bly-Bond, Bartlett automatically recorded the message in vulgar Latin, used many centuries ago. It said that the chapel of Ed Garou the martyr was first erected by Abbot Beer, and then her rebuilt. Abbot Whiting, the last owner, dealt with this. Glastonbury. Then Bartlett’s hand slowly began to draw a contour map of the upper part of the abbey, on which there was a strange the shape of the figure under which Bly-Bond suspected one of the objects search. “Isn’t this a chapel?” – he asked. Very slow, like specifically testing their patience, a pencil in the hands of Bartlett letter behind the letter wrote the answer: “Yes, this is the chapel of Edgar the Martyr, long ago shattered and lost. Entrance through the partition to the rear the altar, five feet, the chapel stretches thirty yards to the east, horizontal masonry, fan-shaped arch, windows with transoms and blue glass. “Really dictated by one of the underworld is the truth? Only excavations could confirm this. Using the instructions received in such an unusual way, workers Bly Bond soon unearthed the ruins of structures ninety feet i.e. exactly 30 yards. The remains were discovered fan-shaped vault and masonry with masons marks, as well as fragments blue window glass. It means that under someone’s dictation Bartlett recorded, contained reliable information. And where is second chapel? Bartlett took the pencil again. But now he wrote answers to questions of Bly Bond in English of the beginning of the XVI century. When do you dig the instructions received in hard ground on the northern section of the abbey seemed dubious to them, friends decided to ask the correspondent again. “Look for my chapel where I am and pointed you out, “the mysterious informant confirmed and added that they will find only one wall, everything else was stolen onto private buildings. And again, excavations confirmed the accuracy of the obtained data. For ten years while excavating, Bly Bond and Bartlett using automatic writing received hundreds of such messages. Moreover, it struck the accuracy with which they were indicated various measurements, down to an inch. Naturally, on during such a long “cooperation” they could not ask who supplies them with such comprehensive information. In response, the pencil wrote that these are monks who lived in abbey from the day it was founded. Each monk was responsible for his period of life. Long pauses that occurred, as the pencil wrote, appeared due to some difficulties. When any doubt arose, the monks conferred among themselves and tried to answer as much as possible more precisely. In 1933, Frederick Bly-Bond published the book The Gates of Remembrance. In it he brought messages “from the other world”, not only confirmed during excavations, but also those that were yet to be verified. If exclude the case of an English archaeologist and his friend psychologist, one can only guess what makes the “orphaned” twin souls send obviously unrequited messages to our earthly world. Here another thing is important: why do psychograms go to one or another specific people? The answer is the latest discovery of biophysicists and neurophysiologists. If you don’t go into energy-physiological details, its essence boils down to the fact that our brain shields itself from external electromagnetic radiation, including from waves, coming from a global field. Otherwise, he would die under an avalanche information. However, in some people this protection is weakened, at times or constantly, and then they take psychograms, sponsored by virtual counterparts from the subtle world. Obviously, they become aware when these messages are someone “reads”, and they again and again forward them to such recipients. However, even if this is not so, in itself a phenomenon of psychography, indisputably, indicates that there is life after death. “Interesting newspaper. Oracle” №1 2013

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