Drawings in the margins: a new one appeared in Englandmessage from other worlds

May 26 residents of the English village of Serne-Ebbas in Dorset
reported the appearance in one of the local fields of the picture, left, perhaps by aliens.

Local law enforcement is currently investigating
in order to bring to justice the alleged jokers, however
until the efforts of the cops were unsuccessful. The circle in the field arose
in just one night, and if this is the work of a person, then applying
The picture clearly was occupied by a large number of craftsmen with
special equipment. However, it is not very likely that here someone from earthlings
had a hand: all this is done too delicately, with
fantastic accuracy (despite the night), speed (no one even
did not notice this work of the night “artists”), what are they capable of, like
consider many, and especially ufologists, only aliens.

The mysterious “Alien masterpiece” is a kind of
wind rose with eight rays. Experts suggest that this scheme
may be directly related to the phases of the moon. If a
assume that the center of the figure represents the Earth, the months are the Moon, and
circles around the months – the Sun, then this art is in fact
clearly demonstrates the changing lighting of Selena the only star of our planetary system.

Crop Circles – Messages to Earthlings from Other Worlds

The famous Russian parapsychologist and writer, the author of such series
esoteric books like Diagnosis of Karma, Survival Experience,
“Man of the Future”, Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev believes that circles
the fields are not aliens (by the way, really, no one
never notices a UFO before these mysterious drawings on crops).

Having the ability to see the field structures of our universe,
the parapsychologist claims that it is built in the form of honeycombs with
many parallel worlds that are interconnected with each other.
And because our reality has an impact on other
parallel worlds, by the way, are more developed, which perceive
mankind (sorry) like a cancer. But she can not delete – just change.

And crop circles are just a way of changing us,
positive impact on a certain mass of people in order to
harmonization of their field structures. That is everyone who falls into
the range of such a circle on the field, almost spiritually
are cleared, to one degree or another.

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