During a shootout near the Moscow regional court flew plasmoid

During a shootout, a plasmoid flew near the Moscow regional courtA photo from open sources

The other day in the building of the Moscow Regional Court there was a loud incident. Members of a dangerous group in custody attempted to escape. The criminals attacked their escorted and seized their weapons. Found themselves nearby representatives of the Russian Guard and the police, guarding another judicial meeting. During a shootout with them, three bandits were killed and the other two are injured. Only one of the law enforcement officers was injured wounded guardsman.

Undoubtedly, the incident became truly resonant – to Moscow regional court immediately attracted many representatives of funds mass media. Among them were the employees of the famous TV channel “Russia-24”, which accidentally managed to shoot then something strange. The fact is that on the camera of journalists unexpectedly hit a mysterious flying object. White spherical UFO flying near the entrance to the courthouse, arising at the bottom of the frame, swimming up through the air, safely out of sight.

Supernatural experts interested this anomaly, we carefully studied the video recording of the paparazzi and came to the conclusion that a mysterious object cannot be a speck of dust, fluff or something like that. UFO trajectory clearly indicates that it is a living creature that flies by itself yourself, and not from the wind. Many experts have concluded that this was a plasmoid – a sensible clot of ionized quasineutral gas. Plasmoids are sometimes captured in photos and videos, however it is difficult to see them with the naked eye, at least in such a small manifestation.

Mysterious plasmoids (plasmosaurs) periodically occur during all corners of our planet, but most often in large quantities (sizes) they appear in the region of the magnetic poles, for example, in Antarctica, where scientists sometimes see them personally. Some progressive researchers believe that this energy form of the intelligent life of the Earth that arose on planet much earlier than our biological.

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