Earth’s ecosystem crashes

At least, this is what man himself perceives. The fact,
that recently we have been seeing very strange phenomena in
World Ocean, which, in fact, is the primary principle of the whole
biological life on our planet.

Ecosystem disruptions are primarily anomalous mass
emissions of marine animals, which scientists do not explain
condition, and therefore there is only one sensible argument –
the ecological system of the Earth is broken.

The latest news of such a plan was the recent shore release.
tens of thousands of poisonous jellyfish called “Portuguese
ship “. This happened at the beginning of this month in South Wales.

As they say eyewitnesses, the spectacle is simply terrible, which none of
I have never seen locals before. Some Aussies
they even thought that some alien creatures had invaded the beach,
let’s say from a parallel world because the impression of such
the pictures are really unusual – as if something was happening in the world
abnormal and very scary. And only arrived on the beach
biologists have determined that this whole strange mass is not
which is different as the numerous poisonous jellyfish thrown on
shore for an unknown reason.

And although many people videotaped it all and put it in
The Internet (see below), according to the operators themselves, see
such on a roller and live – not the same thing. And if you do not
impresses and does not frighten the video at all, in reality such a picture
striking to the depths of the soul: it seems that something is happening in the world
terrible and irreparable …

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