Egypt covered the darkness of Egypt?

Egypt covered the darkness of Egypt?Photos from open sources of

The biblical darkness of Egypt, which was supposedly arranged by the prophet Moses, happened more than once in our time. And yesterday morning it’s weird the phenomenon was observed by the inhabitants of Stockholm.

In the photo below you see the capital of Sweden at about 6 in the morning, but there is total darkness on the streets. You might think, which is still very early and the sun did not have time to rise. But this is not so: literally before that, Stockholm residents, as always, met sunny autumn morning, and already many hurried along their usual affairs. Suddenly … the city was covered by an incomprehensible to everyone, very scary dark.

A photo from open sources

Many Swedes were simply frightened, thinking that the atomic war, aliens attacked the Earth or our planet, finally, became a victim of the mysterious Nibiru, because it is these threats more often only the media and the Internet foreshadowed. People began to call various emergency services, but the staff of these agencies were themselves in perplexed what happened. It’s just that Sweden was covered by Darkness Egyptian.

Fortunately for everyone, this did not last long – only an hour, but then it became light again. Scientists still cannot explain it. mysterious natural phenomenon. Today they put forward such hypothesis:

  • the sun covered the sand brought by the wind of Hurricane Ophelia;
  • the darkness came due to the huge soot in the sky that flew from forest fires in Spain.

However, such explanations practically did not suit anyone. That’s what Stockholm residents themselves say:

Neither sand nor soot cover the sun instantly and completely, like they do not open it, also with lightning speed. And the darkness from them it is not so complete and all-consuming. There’s something completely different why there are all kinds of paranormal and even mystical versions, right up to the coming of the new Messiah or beginning Apocalypse.

Conspirologists tried to connect Egyptian darkness in Sweden with strange behavior of the sun on the eve, that is, October 16. Light suddenly turned red, many people in the UK watched it, Germany, Holland and so on. They also tried to blame this phenomenon. on the rising sand as a result of Hurricane Ophelia, but where did this sand was taken, and if it came from Egypt, as scientists say, then in Egypt itself the sun should constantly have such a shade by the reason for the proximity of the Sahara desert and frequent winds. But this is not here observed.

A photo from open sources

Forest fires also occur very often in Europe, sometimes they are larger than today, but not a red sun, nor did they demonstrate Egyptian Darkness in previous years. Something here it’s not so, conspiracy theorists suggest looking for a reason not in natural phenomena, but in a completely different plane, for example, an alien or approximation of global transformations of the Earth, about which many Researchers have been talking for a long time. At an interesting time we live – a time of rebuilding the world and, most likely, a fundamental change man himself …

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