“Electric Girl” Angelica Cotten

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Telekinesis – the ability to affect physical objects the power of thought is still one of the most intriguing mysteries. Interest in this issue is occasionally spurred by the advent of people showing off their amazing abilities in public. Angelica Cotten was the first whose abilities were fixed documented.

Angelica Cotten

The first scientist to investigate was Angelica Cotten, a 13-year-old French girl resident in the village of Bouvigny, remaining in stories like an “electric girl.” January 15, 1846 with with other girls she knitted gloves and suddenly a table at which girlfriends worked, began to move. Scared girls scattered home and the case received publicity.

Soon, each of the residents could make sure that in the presence of Angelica objects really move: the table moves, chairs overturn, all kinds of small ones fall from shelves items.

It is difficult to suspect a girl of fraud, neither she herself nor her parents did not have such a sophisticated mind to decide on organization of hoax. (Subsequently, Dr. Tangshu described her as a typical “hillbilly.”) Most likely, the girl experienced organic hatred of work. What would you like from a child of 13 years old? Instead of games, she was forced to sit for hours table, earning an extra sou for the family. But if the other girls could only cry and complain about fate, Angelica showed her extraordinary abilities.

She absolutely did not know how to manage them, she demonstrated “miracles” when it is necessary and not necessary, which created many problems for her: a girl considered obsessed with the devil and nothing good it ended for her not could.

Progressive cure

Fortunately for Angelica, the local cure turned out to be a man progressive views. He reassured Angelica’s parents, relieved the panic in the village, announcing that the girl is simply ill with a rare disease, after which he took up numerous experiments. In a rustic the cure clearly died a scientific researcher. His records for accuracy are not inferior to many scientific reports. What did the curious cure?

When touching Angelica’s clothes, they fall, overturn books, brushes, fireplace tongs, stands for firewood and shovels. Scissors tied with tape fly off, and the tape does not tear, but inexplicably untied. Most often, the gift was manifested in the evening, and almost never in the afternoon. The force on objects sometimes so big that three strong men cannot keep moving chair.

Curious Monsieur Faremont

Soon, the village came from the nearby town of Mamer Monsieur Faremont, who heard about an unusual girl. Making sure that the rumors are not they lie, he took Angelica to the city. Apparently Faremont himself was no stranger scientific research, because he sought not so much to show amazing girl how much to understand the nature of the phenomenon. Per session with with the participation of Angelica, he first invited educated people, related to science.

A photo from open sources

Doctors Mamera ignored the invitation, but their colleagues from Mortanya arrived as a whole delegation. For several days, scientists men studied a strange girl. Pharemon insisted on electric the nature of the phenomenon, called Angela “electric girl” and constantly conducted experiments trying to prove his theory.

In addition to Pharemon himself, descriptions of sessions with “electric girl “left Dr. Verger, Dr. Lemonier, doctor Beaumont-Chardon, engineer Olivier and pharmacist Coyu.

Parents of Angelica, seeing that their daughter’s abilities cause increased interest, decided to capitalize on this, made sessions public and paid. At the first performance came more than 150 human. The fame grew, and the ambitions of Angelica’s parents grew. To Pharemon and others did not cost anything to persuade Angelica’s parents to take girl to Paris.

Electric Girl in Paris

On February 11, the girl was introduced to members of the French Academy. Scientific secretary of the Arago Academy and Dr. Tangshu for 2 hours conducted a series of experiments, based on the results of which a report was compiled. What demonstrated an “electric girl”?

Movement of chairs and other furniture held by third parties persons, moving a paper strip (it was as if blown away by the wind), rotation of a paper cup, attraction or repulsion from each other friend of two elderberry balls.

As a scientist, Tangshu noted not only the phenomena themselves, but related factors. The girl’s greatest gift was manifested with 7 to 9 pm. During the sessions, Angelica’s left arm was warmer right, the pulse abruptly jumped from 120 to 150 beats per minute, was irregular. Phenomena did not occur if the girl sitting on a chair I didn’t touch the ground with my feet. During the experiments, Angelica could not touch an object with your left hand so that you don’t immediately pull her away from a burn.

Missed chance

On February 17, a commission of the French gathered in the Botanical Garden academy. Scientists have focused on the study of electrical properties of Angelica. The results were negative. How are we now we understand that telekinesis was of a different, not electric nature. Commission concluded that several more sessions. But she didn’t set a specific date.

Flew days, weeks. Meanwhile, Dr. Tangshu noted that unusual abilities of the girl fell day by day. Doctor sent a letter to the academy asking to hurry. When academics finally gathered, there was already nothing to show. Manifestations of the unknown energies so vividly demonstrated by Angela in the first days upon arrival to Paris, completely faded.

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