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In India, lives 18-year-old guy Deepak Jangr, who is called “electric.” His unique organism is not afraid of electric current, a young man without any risk to his health can miss through itself a current of up to 11 thousand volts.

True, where did he get such abilities, that is, from birth or acquired later, no one knows. The guy himself identified them accidentally at 16 years old (see video) when he decided to repair heater for mother. Inadvertent contact with bare wires showed that electric current does not cause young no harm to man.

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Well, then there were all kinds of experiments, which set an approximate safety threshold of 11 thousand volts, although all this is very arbitrary – just more serious tests are not were carried out. But even such a huge current is enough for maintenance five hundred houses in the village where Deepaka Jangr lives, and to him this charge electricity – nothing. The guy can calmly go to the bath lower exposed bare electrical wires into water 220 volts – and at the same time splashing around as if nothing was happening unusual.

Deepak Jangr is currently an electrician. how it turned out to be the safest profession for him, since his the unique ability to not perceive electric current with time does not disappears.

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