Electric people

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Everyone has an electric field. However the intensity of this field is very small, almost zero. But not at all.

Electric Killer

Visit of a resident of Manchester Pauline Shaw to a bank, supermarket or some government agency is perceived administration as a disaster. After her visit, electrical appliances, near which she stood, they begin to work intermittently, and on computer monitors, which passed by, appear “blue screens of death. “If Pauline touches any household appliance – it can be safely thrown away. For a few the Shaw family threw 25 irons, 15 electric kettles, 18 toasters, 10 washing machines, 6 electric dryers, 12 radios and 11 TVs, 3 VCRs – totaling over £ 8,000 sterling. The number of exploding bulbs exceeded a few honeycomb For Pauline, the nickname “Ball Lightning” was firmly entrenched.

A woman is burdened with such glory and is trying hard to learn control your dangerous “gift”, but so far only learned determine when it is “charged” with electricity. On such days she goes to the shower, where it removes the “tension”. But this does not always help, and then electric discharges of length between her fingers up to 8 cm. In this case, Pauline does not go anywhere, sits at home and tries not to touch anything with her hands.

Chinese “electricians”

Pauline Shaw is not one of a kind. People representing a “walking battery”, there are other countries. By incomprehensible the reasons for the primacy among people, “electricians” holds China.

Boiler Su Dio is a pleasant, sociable young man. Only he has one feature: he never greets anyone for a hand. The people he touches get an electric shock, sometimes so strong that they just fall off their feet. So hello, soo never reaches out, confining himself to a polite smile. Workmates are not offended, but they like to play nothing a knowledgeable beginner, I propose to approach Su in a locker room and in a friendly manner pat him on the bare shoulder.

Su Dio can be made up of:

  • Zhang Dake – without fear, picks up a bare wire, energized.
  • Chun Tianch Zhao – inserts fingers into the outlet, at the same time applying a screwdriver to the temple and waiting until it becomes hot red hot.
  • Li Qinghong – adjusts the volume from a distance a radio receiver.

Live generators

However, electrical phenomena are not only in China and Great Britain. Puerto Rican Jose Rafael received as a child high voltage shock. He not only was not injured, but suffered it almost painlessly. So he found out about his strange ability. Today Jose Rafael is repairing electrical appliances without turning them off from the outlet, which leads visitors his workshop in horror and delight at the same time.

The couple Supino (Italy) noticed that in the house too often electrical switches began to fail. The culprit was their 16-year-old son Benedetto, who discovered the ability to distance to excite electric current in the circuits. Parents running around doctors and psychics, begging to “cure” their son. Benedetto himself does not worry at all and continues his exercises, constantly burning the switches in the house. True, there is no silver lining: the kid was seriously interested in electricity as a phenomenon and already told parents that he was going to connect his life with industrial electronics.


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