Enchanted roads require unconventional signs

Enchanted roads require unconventional signsPhoto from open sources

Car enthusiasts are well aware how difficult it is today to pass on the right driving as road signs alone remember a great many. And they are also constantly are being added. Yes, what!

Watch out for ufo

The most amazing thing is that among the new road signs appear warnings are clearly paranormal. For example, not far you can see a sign from the small Finnish town of Kulämä, warning of a possible meeting with a UFO. And this is far from a joke because unidentified flying objects in this place are not just appear too often, which distracts drivers, there have been cases when the engines stalled in cars, people in cars experienced headaches, or even completely disappeared.

A photo from open sources

In Norway, on the highway between the cities of Gruntli and Geiranger stands the sign “Caution, perfume!”, which is also put far from lovers of the draw. The fact is that on this highway often Drivers are greeted by ghosts that can not only scare, but and provoke a traffic accident, sometimes even with fatal

Russia is rich in enchanted roads

Russia also plans to put a triangle with a little dash on Kostroma bridge across the Volga. Set it to local inspection Traffic police offered the staff of the regional newspaper, who do not stop print materials about mysterious incidents occurring on this abnormal stretch of road. Drivers on the ill-fated bridge often lose their orientation, and then the vehicle rams a fence and, as a rule, falls into the river. Also for no apparent reason here the motors stall, from the car bodies it suddenly falls well fixed load, many other, to say the least, strange things happen and inexplicable things.

A photo from open sources

But the traffic police of Yakutsk do not even know which sign to put on forty the second kilometer of the Pokrovsky tract, although certain warning drivers here and begs. The fact is that in This place was once killed and buried by a White shaman. After him burials locals began to hear groans from under the ground and spells, after which a pine was planted on the grave. And now drivers stop near this shaman tree and leave a tribute in the form of any metal objects. If you do not do this (for example, the driver drives past the Shaman pine due to ignorance), then the engine of the car soon stalls, and the person feels irresistible desire to go back. That’s just what road put a warning sign here, traffic police think …

Evil boulder spirit

In the UK in the county of Essex has its own section of the route, requiring the installation of an unconventional traffic sign. In one place on the side of the road lies an old mossy boulder. Local drivers are wonderful know that this “magic stone” keeps an evil spirit in it, who for some reason can’t stand when a car is near him it drives slowly, not to mention delays or stops. In that in the event of a driver, all sorts of trouble on the road, serious accident.

A photo from open sources

At one time, Essex County authorities decided to simply remove a mysterious boulder away from the road, but there it was. And then someone remembered that even during World War II this stone accidentally hooked with a bulldozer – so it started! At nearby bells themselves rang bells, flew through the air logs and agricultural equipment. And all this went on until the boulder was not returned to its original place. Since then he has not been touched. Moreover, a certain section of the road on either side of “mystical stone” just requires some warning sign. The county authorities do not even know what to do: put – funny, don’t deliver – scary.

Killer Roads and Mystery Roads

For other enchanted roads, see the documentary, presented below. However, note that in the world their great a bunch of. For example, only in the Moscow region fifteen percent of all highways are considered dangerous due to the fact that they pass through various geopathogenic zones, for example, through old cemeteries, which is why traffic accidents most often occur in these places. True, the truly terrible, almost deadly roads are significantly less and stories about them look like creepy stories or fantastic horror stories.

A photo from open sources

And now imagine how dangerous for this reason profession of a car driver or craze for cars, which swept the whole world today. And although scientists come up with various driving safety measures, let’s say, are now in Germany tests of the unique Car-to-Car system, which, according to the idea of ​​its creators will allow vehicles to “communicate with each other other “on the track at the mobile level, thereby adjusting the movement of cars and eliminating possible accidents on the roads. But capable whether such systems resist ghost, white shaman or the evil spirit lurking in the mossy boulder of the British provinces? ..

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