“Energy entities” scattered across texas workshop

A photo from open sources

The video below was received a few nights back in one of the workshops of the American city of San Antonio, state Texas.

According to the owner of the enterprise, here for many years unexplained phenomena occur. Luminous balls appear in air out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Now prospective anomaly, they say, got into the local camera in the dark observing when there were no employees in the building.

Mysterious frames actually show a lot of obscure whitish objects flying in the air like sentient beings, and leaving a light trail. The owner of the workshop I am convinced that this portal periodically opens here parallel dimension, from where some people enter our world amazing energetic entities. They do not harm anyone and do not outrageous, however, Americans, as you might guess, perplexed and moderately frightened by such a strange neighborhood.

Controversy erupted on the World Wide Web regarding the nature of this phenomenon. Many netizens stated that we are just lit dust particles, whose motion seems blurry due to poor recording quality. Hence, they say, and a train. However, other Internet patrons sincerely believed that it was a phenomenon supernatural nature.

What do you think? Does this “miracle” look unconvincing, by your opinion? Or everything is not as simple as it seems to skeptics and materialists?

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