English village rises annually by two centimeter and no one knows why

The English village rises annually by two centimeters, and no one knows why.A photo from open sources

The English village of Willand in Devon annually rises two centimeters and no living soul can explain why this is happening.

The village where less than six thousand people live, as if bursting out of the ground. For the first time this phenomenon was spotted in 2015 by specialists from the University of Nottingham, conducted geodetic work here. Finding such a strange anomaly, astonished scientists turned to satellite data and saw that the village is actually slowly rising above nearby territories (such a mystery of nature). At least least this has been happening in recent years.

A photo from open sources

At first puzzled researchers suggested that underground there are natural “pockets” of gas, but this hypothesis does not confirmed. Scientists fear that in the long run the movement of the village will break local sewers, water supply, gas pipeline and other engineering networks providing. In addition, the speedway passing here will also suffer. Railway.

As for the residents of Willand, they would hardly have noticed any changes, if not for engineering communications, from the states of which their life depends. Meanwhile, experts continue to study this phenomenon and try to determine it causes. So far, unfortunately, to no avail …

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