Englishwoman photographed the spirit of the unborn son

An Englishwoman photographed the spirit of an unborn sonPhoto from open sources

27-year-old Amy Farker and her 28-year-old spouse James from English the cities of Peterborough were expecting twins. However at sixteenth week the pregnancy of the expectant mother was reported that her sons feto-fetal transfusion syndrome, and disproportionate the twin blood flow does not allow one of the babies in the womb to receive good nutrition.

The British underwent a laser operation, during which children tried to separate however surgical intervention is not yielded results, and one of the boys died. Farmers called Alfie’s deceased son, and his surviving brother, Charlie.

Parents who are seriously experiencing the death of their unborn child, made recently one strange discovery and since then believe that Alfie’s spirit is somewhere near them and with his brother Charley.

A photo from open sources

Farmers went the other day for a walk with Charlie and bought heart-filled helium balloon to release him to heaven in memory of Alfie. Amy took some pictures balloon flying up, and when I immediately looked at these photos on the smartphone screen, I suddenly noticed in one of the pictures a luminous blue sphere soaring above the earth. Despite the fact that with their own eyes the couple did not see the mysterious anomaly, a bright ball perfectly captured on the image.

Many other people would probably consider right away that UFO photographed, but Amy and James are convinced that this is the spirit of their a boy watching them like a guardian angel. Maybe him It was destined not to be born, but to remain in this role, in order to protect Charlie’s brother’s life: it’s not for nothing that they say that in this life nothing happens by chance. Here is the current photo with blue the sphere, for sure, is some kind of sign from above. Judging by the color – by all means good…

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