Entrance to a parallel world – for the elite

Entrance to a parallel world - for the eliteA photo from open sources

According to the scientific theory of MIW (sets of interacting on quantum level of worlds), parallel realities are quite natural state for the universe. About the presence of parallel worlds Numerous facts and evidence speak.

Rather, one can even say this: individual puzzles of the environment world can only be explained by the presence of portals through which in our Entities, monsters, mysterious animals and much more. According to the researcher of such portals Victor Kotlyarov from Nalchik, these corridors between the worlds are available practical everywhere, however there are places in the same Kabardino-Balkaria, where there is not some secret door to another dimension, and the real gate is the Tyzyl Gorge.

A photo from open sources

Almaty residents – residents of a parallel world

P. Boldyrev, a resident of Nalchik, has long been studying local yeti – so called almast. These are humanoid densely covered humanoids. woolly, leading mostly nocturnal. Before the Great World War II they came across in Kabardino-Balkaria quite often, were wild and fast running. Almaty residents could develop such a speed that they couldn’t catch them even on the horse.

A photo from open sources

During the war, they disappeared somewhere, however, today, especially in Elbrus region, there are traces of these snow people. Turns out that they live somewhere, multiply, and we see only their individual manifestations or even just footprints in the snow. Moreover, in Kabardino-Balkaria, as they say, there are no white spots a long time ago, there is nowhere to take refuge – this is not taiga for you. And only MIW theory is easy explains this riddle – Almaty residents, like all yetis, chupacabras and so Further, they come to us from a parallel world.

Tyzyl spiders are also representatives of the parallel world

Kabardino-Balkaria is also unique in that it is preserved here tales of huge cannibal spiders. They are not accidentally called yet tyzyl spiders, because these insect monsters are most often met just near the above gorge, where is entrance to a parallel world.

Of course, we regard the legends as fairy tales, however wise always emphasized that there is no smoke without fire, and therefore folk fairy tales and traditions reflect real life. That’s not all about spiders as simple as it seems. More recently, one CBD police officer was driving by car, when suddenly Bedyk noticed a strange creature behind the village, crossing the road. The man pulled closer, stopped the car and opened the door to better see what it is. And with in horror, I realized that a huge spider was slowly crawling across the track, approximately with a large dog.

A photo from open sources

The policeman who saw everyone during the service is simply horrified, instantly slammed the car door, and when the monster spider hid in roadside bushes, gave gas and rushed to the city Tyrnyauz, not remembering himself from fear. The most amazing thing is that such other people met the spiders in this place. And since similar relics survived to our days simply could not, then it begs the only answer is that they came from another world and go back there. Well at least they do not harm us. However, such a peacefulness doesn’t always happen …

Residents of the parallel world – mysterious gypsies

A blind woman once lived in the village of Kendelen in the Elbrus region who was sighted from birth, but lost as a child vision, and very strange. It happened in the first half of the last century, the girl was then about seven years old, at that unfortunate for her morning she drove the cows to the pasture and already wanted returning home, when she suddenly saw a gypsy walking in the meadow with a little girl. Oncoming ones seemed to her gypsies, as they were very brightly dressed. The girl even admired them, with some envy looking at the beautiful outfit of his peers.

A photo from open sources

And she, passing by, showed the young resident of Kendelen language the girl naturally snapped back. Hearing this adult the gypsy turned and went to the girl, asking her a strange question – Does she see her? Having received an affirmative answer, a bright woman, she said an even stranger phrase – but should not. After that she ran a hand over the girl’s eyes, and she’s never again, until most of her death, did not see anything. The doctors couldn’t determine why she suddenly lost her sight – did not even know how to approach this, because the girl’s eyes in all respects were healthy. In her story about a gypsy, of course, at that time no one believed it.

Researcher Viktor Kotlyarov believes that the “gypsy” a couple came to us from a parallel world, and, apparently, earthlings could not see these “gypsies”. However, the girl from Kendelen, presumably from birth she had supernatural eyesight. Here just why the aliens punished her so cruelly? ..

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