Every hundredth Briton found mysterious openings above the ears

Every hundredth Briton found mysterious holes over his earsA photo from open sources

If there are a hundred random Britons in one room, then one one of them may have one in the upper part of the ears tiny congenital foramen. You can consider such holes only nearby, and from afar their owner is no different from others people.

This medical phenomenon is called preauricular sinuses. They are very rare in other countries. For example, in Ethiopia You can find an ancient legend about one and only woman who possessed such holes and was considered among other inhabitants of its villages marked by higher powers.

However, in the United Kingdom, preauricular sinuses found in one percent of the inhabitants, which is very high indicator. Of course, such holes are not designed for piercing. They are often not dangerous, although in some cases they may this or that infection develops. Fortunately these days when antibiotics are widespread, it’s not at all scary.

A photo from open sources

Where does such a physiological anomaly come from? Scientists have not yet can say for sure, however, employees of the American University New Mexico Albuquerque determined that preauricular sinuses appear at an early stage of development of the human fetus and are hereditary. Really one hundredth of the British is there a common ancestor? By the way, for the first time such sinuses were recorded by medicine in 1864 in a minor patient in one of the London hospitals. It can be assumed that this British and became the ancestor of the one hundredth of the current inhabitants of the Misty Albion who suffer such an amazing innate heredity …

Famous American biologist and researcher of evolution Neil Shubin suggests that the preauricular sinuses could have gone to people from fish and represent rudimentary gills.

A photo from open sources

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