Every third day in the oceans appears killer wave

Every third day in the oceans, a killer wave appearsA photo from open sources

Every eight to nine hours, the oceans create the so-called wave-killer, representing for sailors increased danger. The height of such a wave is usually many times greater than the rest of the waves. This is told by Irina Didenkulova, became the laureate of the Presidential Award in the field of science.

According to the expert, thanks to the simplest analysis, you can find out that one of the three thousand waves is large and can called a wave killer. It is formed approximately once in a third days. Nevertheless, according to Didenkulova, this assessment is still rude enough. Continuous system observations produced by world scientists show that deadly waves may occur in the oceans even more often.

Irina said that mention of the killer waves can be found in the descriptions of the travels of Christopher Columbus and in the myths of Ancient Greece. However, a thorough scientific study of this phenomenon started only in 1995 after a huge wave at a height of twenty-six meters destroyed oil in the Norwegian Sea a platform. Then the researchers rummaged in the archives and found out that from 1968 to 1994 as a result of huge waves in the world sank twenty two supertankers.

The Russian specialist notes that her study is only predicts the origin of killer waves in the oceans, but does not determine the mechanism of their origin. Currently, experts can only build hypotheses. For example, according to one of them, education deadly sea rolls may result from interactions ordinary waves with sea currents. According to another, more fantastic theories, killer waves are generated by the ocean itself, with consciousness as and everything on earth. However, even accepting this theory, it remains the question is – why is he doing this? ..

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