Everyone can become a genius

Everyone can become a geniusA photo from open sources

If you trace the biographies of many brilliant personalities, then involuntarily come to the conclusion that these people were geniuses only in our human understanding of the word. In fact, everyone genius is only an intermediary between God and earthlings.

Moreover, there are many cases when an ordinary person (absolutely not genius from birth, like, say, Mozart or Michelangelo), suddenly under by the action of a case, he became an unusual person. So happened to the modern Ukrainian artist Yuri Akhmetzyanov. As a simple guy, he worked as a field watchman. Once because the weather did not come on duty, and Yuri had to stay for several days without food. Going to the nearest village for by provisions, the guy dozed off under a tree, and woke up … in another area, and in a week.

Since then, he developed a craving for artistic creativity. AND he began to paint. From under his brushes (see photo, but still better visit the artist’s exhibition) fantastic paintings come out, as if reflecting not ours, but some parallel world. But tear the look of these paintings is difficult …

There are geniuses at all who can be called mediums rather than creators. So, one turner is constantly visited by famous Dutch artists. After that, he falls into a trance and draws canvases very similar to the paintings of those painters.

And who does not know the story of Rosemary Brown, which never even she didn’t hide that all her music was dictated by the great composers whose spirits visit her, that is, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Debussy, Schumann, Grieg, Liszt, Berlioz etc.


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