Evidence found after death

A person’s soul does not die after a cardiac arrest, but forever lives in the universe Photo from open sources On the eternal question of mankind – Does life after death exist – the answer seems to be given. Moreover The answer is yes. Scientists have proven the theory that every person has a soul that remains to live even after of how the heart stops beating, reports Radar Online. One of study authors anesthetist Stuart Hameroff revealed details openings in the Through the Tunnel in Space program shown by one of the scientific television channels. As the report says, the soul is more fundamental than ordinary neurons. “I think consciousness, or its predecessor, always existed in the universe, possibly since the time of the Great explosion, “said the professor. According to him, when the heart stops beat, the information stored in the brain does not die, but continues to “flow in the universe.” This explains the fact that clinical death survivors often talk about “white the light “or” tunnel “they supposedly saw.” When the heart stops beating, and blood stops flowing through the vessels, microtubes lose their quantum state. However, quantum information, which is in them is not destroyed. She can’t be destroyed, therefore spreading and scattering throughout the universe. If the patient survives in intensive care, he talks about “white light”, can even see how he “comes out” of his body. If it dies, then quantum information indefinitely exists outside the body. She is the soul, “the scientist explained. Recall formerly a colleague of the professor – neurosurgeon-doctor Eben Alexander, 15 years old worked at Harvard, – described his journey into the afterlife. He called his book Proof of Paradise. In it, the doctor said that when he fell into a coma due to bacterial meningitis, then was in paradise, soared among the clouds, and butterflies flew around him and creatures “like angels.” Arkady Azayev

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