Experts will study the mysterious glow on cemeteries

Specialists will study the mysterious glow in cemeteriesPhoto from open sources

American Research Association Guide supernatural phenomena established a fund, the only task which will be the study of the phenomenon of lights over graves. In the last years, this strange phenomenon is increasingly observed in cemeteries in all over the globe. People of official science have long “found” abnormal glow logical explanation, however numerous experiments do not confirm the hypothesis of scientists.

Mysterious Wandering Glow

From time immemorial, an unpredictable and inexplicable appearance so called demonic lights causes superstition, complicating the scientific investigation of these anomalies. Wandering lights spawned a great many legends and traditions.

Centuries ago, travelers talked about how, having lost the road in the swamps, they found a safe path thanks blue glow, moving low above the ground. Other travelers claimed that the mysterious lights, on the contrary, tried to start them into deadly swamps. For this reason, the attitude towards this The phenomenon has always been twofold and highly alert. Still it is unknown why some people are trying to save wandering lights, and others try to bring destruction.

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The color of the lights is pale blue, dull yellow, greenish and transparent white. Mostly sinister glow appears in the dark time of day in cemeteries and swamps, less often it can be observed in fields. Sometimes it does not look like a candle flame, but sometimes it resembles its own ball shape. Lights tend to burn at elevated height. human hands and spontaneously move from side to side.

Moreover, many who have witnessed these phenomena claim that wandering lights move as if endowed with consciousness. They can swim in the air strictly above the path, cross the river along bridge, fly into the cemetery without fail through the gate …

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European legends state that demonic lights represent the souls of children, drowned and unfortunate dead violent death. It is believed that these spirits are stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, trying to lure people into bogs or other dangerous places. The British believe that wandering lights are the harbingers of death. If they were noticed at the patient’s house, this meant that he would soon die.

Our ancestors also believed that we are talking about the spirits of the dead, especially if a glow appears above the grave. Slavic traditions state that special vigilance should be shown after midnight: supposedly, at this time, perfumes are especially active. In Slavic myths also it is said that wandering lights may indicate places where they are buried treasures, however, it is better not to touch the treasures hidden there, since they are cursed and can bring man only misfortune.

Known cases of cemetery fire observation

In the eighteenth century, one Scottish priest told amazing story. The home of this confessor was not far from church cemetery. One dank autumn night, a minister the altar went outside and suddenly noticed outside the fence of the churchyard luminous dot. Our hero considered that they came to the cemetery with lantern robbers of graves. Shepherd decided to discreetly follow alleged robbers.

When the priest carefully approached the cemetery, then with I was surprised to find that there were no thieves with a lantern there, but in a yellowish light the size of a fist soared in the air. Then this light suddenly went to the side, left the cemetery and flew through the forest to one of the local farms. Intrigued Confessor followed him. The light approached the farm, circled near it, and then went back to the cemetery and hid there in a crypt.

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A day later, the owner of this farm invited the shepherd to sing his daughter, dead from scarlet fever. The minister of the altar, reasonably tied this event with a mysterious wandering light, asked the cemetery the watchman who owns the aforementioned crypt. How easy guess the farmer’s family turned out to be its owners, whose child died. It turns out that a sick girl came the spirit of her ancestor.

Queensland Australia Can Find Rail Alexandria station, used by local residents and Travelers have a bad reputation. So, in 1940 the local a resident driving here past an abandoned cemetery, he saw over the rickety crosses a lot of luminous bluish-green balls. The road passed very close to the graveyard, and when the car approached him, all the balls suddenly flew at once to the car. A frightened driver gave out gas, but the lights almost kept up. Only when the car approached the nearest town of Baulia, the pursuers are behind.

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In our country, a similar phenomenon also takes place. TO for example, the St. Petersburg Maloohtinsky cemetery, founded in seventeenth century and six decades closed to burial back, known for being here over old graves at night the air glows. A Igumen cemetery on a Russian island Valaam attracts lovers of mysticism by the fact that on especially dark nights here you can observe the bright green radiant light flowing from under land and rising to a meter high.

What are the American specialists planning to do?

According to the official scientific version, wandering lights are not nothing but phosphorus compounds formed underground in rotting corpses leaking out and burning when in contact with air.

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However, some researchers have experimentally proven that such a theory is wrong. Secreted by rotting remains and gas plants simply can not break through a two-meter the thickness of the earth. Scientists specifically took containers with phosphorescent gas and buried them in the ground. Even if the vessel skipped plentifully gas, no glow above the ground was observed, and when presented to the air of a lit match, nothing happened.

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And how demonic lights can move side by side huge distances, continuing to burn just as brightly all this time? And then still clearly possess consciousness?

US paranormal researchers intend to find a quiet cemetery where wandering lights appear especially often, and to install the most modern and expensive equipment there, which will allow the most volumetric fix the phenomenon and prove its mystical nature. And maybe understand more something…


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