Exploring the strange visit of “people from the portal” to artist’s apartment

We wrote about this mysterious case in October 2014. Group Ufologists decided to properly study the event.

The message is written from the words of an eyewitness Sergey Evgenievich Nikolaev (Born in 1961). Specialized secondary education (graphic designer, graduated from PHU in 1986), an internationalist warrior (Afghan), has mutilation (absent elbow right hand).

The described case occurred in the fall of 1992, at the address Penza, Kuibyshev street, in the basement of house number 7, where the eyewitness had a creative workshop. Workshop in the Union of Afghans in 1987 granted this house to Sergey Nikolaev and he stayed there until 1996. According to the characteristics of an eyewitness, the phenomenon resembled the “theater of the absurd” in connection with the mystical surroundings and the apparent a sham that caught my eye.

Strange events in the workshop

At around 11 p.m. Sergey began to paint a picture (landscape with flowers) and by 12 o’clock in the morning he had run out of red paint. He went from the room in which he painted the picture to the next, adapted for the rest room, where in addition to the sofa there was a table and a bedside table in which tubes of paint were stored.

A feature of the layout of the rooms was the presence in each of them. separate entrance to the common corridor of the basement. That is, Sergey did redevelopment: built a door in the wall between the rooms, and the extra the entrance from the basement corridor to the rest room, where they happened described events, securely scored with long nails so as not to outsiders climbed in.

Exploring a strange visitA photo from open sources

Bending down to the nightstand to get paint, he heard in his a male voice that felt from chest to head: Turn around. Sergey was frightened and for some time was afraid to turn head, wondering what to do next, and when he looked, then I saw from the side of the aisle clogged into the corridor, on the door, crucified on hooks a naked woman.

How he ended up on the couch and snuggled into a corner, Sergei does not remember. The woman was a terrifying, bloody sight: divorced hands were nailed to the door with rusty hooks, rib cage, the insides and genitals were also torn by hooks. Head the victim was down, fair skin and hair almost merged with the white color of the door, on which only dark looked in contrast blood, which, according to an eyewitness, was very much. After that, as the eye of an eyewitness recorded these details, the door (clogged nails) with a crucified woman began to slowly open and in a young man with a white, bloodless face and shaking his head, toward the woman said: “This I did to her.”

Having completely opened the door with the crucified, he entered the room. He was about 180 cm tall, had light brown hair, a short haircut, dressed in a brown sweater, dark blue branded jeans and sports sneakers. At his last words, a light went out in the room under the ceiling.

Almost immediately, the room was filled with scattered, green-blue light and the space around it became noticeably more: the walls of the room as if moved apart. Everything former has disappeared, nobody was in the room and the door clogged with nails took its former form, the woman also disappeared. Gradually in the middle of the room a light column of turquoise appeared colors glowing from the inside, while it was more saturated bright shade than the surrounding space. The luminous cylinder had clearly outlined borders, not reaching the ceiling and floor of 20 cm (at the total height of the room is 210 cm), the vertical size was approximately 170 cm and a diameter of 60-70 cm, while the design rotated clockwise slowly.

Then something incredible happened: from the light column of steel “dead” fly out in a horizontal position, i.e. half-decomposed bodies of people in decayed rags (eye “hooked” half-rotten, blackened meat on bones, fragmentary preserved skin and facial muscles on exposed turtles, but with there was no smell). After some time under the ceiling a round dance of seven or ten bodies that slowly soared, rotating like a pillar clockwise.

Seeing this whole picture, Sergey fell into a state of horror, thinking at the same time, that he lost his mind and literally “the roof went”. The room moved apart no less than a meter, and in a greenish twilight Sergey spotted chairs standing along the wall, like those what were in the Soviet catering: metal frame, and the back and plywood seats. On them sat elderly people and children, talking among themselves.

A rumble of voices was heard, but it was impossible to make out the words … but suddenly all abruptly jumped up and rushed to run. Possible reason fear was the appearance of regular visitors: from the light column came out a man dressed in a black tailcoat, a white shirt, on his neck there was a black butterfly, and on the head a cylinder of the same color. Face and hands, like the first subject in a brown sweater, were white colors, absolutely white, as if bloodless.

Two “brother aristocrats.”

The first words of the aristocrat were: “do not be afraid of us.” Thereafter Sergey began to feel full of euphoria. Followed by the second man, almost a take of the first person from the light column, but while constantly behind the first, as if hiding. The first alien from the light column continued the dialogue: “Do you want to leave with us?” He asked. “Of course, I really want to,” answered Sergei, still abiding by the “guests.”

A photo from open sources

“Then go sign it,” the first “guest” answered, standing at the table, located near the bedside table with paint. Sergey rose from sofa and went to the table, while the first alien made smooth hand gesture and a sheet of paper appeared on the table, then repeated gesture – an ink fountain pen, black with golden feather.

Holding out a pen to Sergei with the words “sign”, the aristocrat specified – “take with your right hand.” Sergey was frightened and looked at the hand, which he had been absent for several years. She was in place! Taking pen with his right hand, bent to sign, but then the second the guest turned to the first with a single sentence: “Do not forget about igloo. “” Oh yes, “the first stranger caught himself and in his arms there was a sharp spike, five centimeters in length, like a large cactus, the same blue-blue color, moreover, he himself shone from the inside, like a light pole. Then he lifted a fold of skin on phalanx of the thumb of the right hand and pierced through it spike.

With this spike in his finger, Sergei bent over a sheet of paper, which turned out to be completely clean, so he dared to ask question: “What will I sign?”

The alien replied: “Don’t worry when the time comes, we write it yourself “and Sergey put his signature. Immediately after that and a hand, and a piece of paper, and a pen – everything disappeared. Thereafter light pole changed direction and began to rotate against clockwise. Both figures, silently, turned around and became in the light post in reverse order.

First, the figure of the second guest disappeared, and then, when she approached the first visitor’s turn, Sergey realized: “But what about me?” At the alien who was already standing with his back turned unnaturally the head (like an owl) is almost 180 degrees and he replied: “You are to us you will come when your time comes. ”

The aristocrat, who was already standing with his back, is unnatural the head turned almost 180 degrees.

A photo from open sources

It is noteworthy that when the figures in the light column disappeared, there were the impression that they disappear in the wall, and not light substance. After all this, Sergey sat down on the corner of the sofa and at the same time this turned on the light, the upper light in the workshop.

After sitting a little on the couch and thinking about what it was, Sergei suddenly again heard the same voice in his head: “Come to mirror. “The artist was scared, fearing a repetition of previous events, with bated breath, almost on tiptoe, went to the mirror and sighed in relief, everything was in order. But the voice is right there again said, “Turn your backside.” Sergey turned and saw that behind hanging tail, thick, black, and at the end of the tassel. An interesting detail, in reality the tail was not visible and is noticeable only in reflection of the mirror and touch by hand. Sergey sat down on the sofa and thought: tail sitting was not felt and apparently it was a demonstration on farewell, a reminder of what happened tonight.

Historical reference

House number 7 on Kuibyshev street, located in the historical part of Penza and at the base of the city this place was located in fortresses. The exact time of building the house is unknown, but according to a resident of the house, her father during the Great Patriotic War (WWII) found in the basement of the house, shallow in the ground, somewhat good surviving logs presumably left there since times the construction of the fortress.

According to the stories of old-timers who worked as servants, the house belongs to pre-revolutionary building and belonged to the landowner Kulchitskaya. it there was a one-story mansion with arched windows decorated with colored stained-glass windows and auxiliary outbuildings, stables and rooms for servants.

In 1927-1929, the house was reconstructed, during which completed another top floor, and after the Second World War from 1949 to 1951 year, two refugee families received permission from the authorities to dig up under the house of the dugout, so a large basement appeared under the whole house, consisting of several rooms with windows on the street level sidewalks connected by a common corridor crossing the house throughout length. In December 1977, a severe fire broke out in the house and everyone tenants were temporarily evicted during the overhaul. In 1980 year residents were returned to the renovated apartments, in which convenience appeared.

The modern view of the house, the arrow points to the window of the room where the described events occurred.

A photo from open sources

In those same years, a resident of one of the apartments Nina Vladimirovna Streltsova asked the workers to do the work in their underground, but when they dug through the hole, she found that her entire basement was littered construction waste. A woman wrote letters to the housing office with a request for help, but in the end she had to throw out all the garbage herself. At parsing garbage, she noticed something glistening in the corner of the underground, raked the ground with her hands pulled out the bundle in which was broadsword sword, dagger in a black scabbard and bayonet-knife.

All weapons were in perfect condition and were wrapped in half-rotten newspaper for 1908. All these weapons are Nina Vladimirovna transferred to the museum of local lore. They suggested that the weapon was tucked away by someone from the Kulchitsky family, presumably a son the mistress of the house, who supported the “white” movement and was hanged Bolsheviks at the Tambov outpost, which is on the outskirts of Penza.

The general scheme of the basement of the house. 1. The room where the portal opened; 2.Adjoining room workshop; 3. A nailed door overlooking common corridor; 4. The common corridor of the basement, running along the entire length at home; 5. Underground N.V. Streltsova, where the weapon was found; 6.Stairs down from the side of the street and the “dressing room” of the basement corridor; 7. Entrance to the workshop from the basement corridor.

A photo from open sources

Unfortunately, photos of the family have not yet been found. Kulchitsky, neither in the archive, nor in the museum of local lore, according to which you can It would be to check the similarity of persons of family members with visitors from portal. It is also worth noting that during his stay in this a small two-story house, in memory of N.V. Sagittarius in it five inhabitants hanged themselves.


A detailed analysis of this case suggests the conclusion that in the basis of the actions of the “visitors” was an imitation of the conclusion of a “deal with the devil “, but in this case only its imitation, since a bargain takes place in such a transaction: on the one hand, the object of bargaining is the soul man, and on the other – those benefits that he receives for them in vivo.

In this case, there was no contract, but signed absolutely blank paper, without a mandatory list of conditions agreement, and this kind of document is signed in blood, and not ink pen.

Apparently, the ministers of Moscow came to the same conclusion. courtyards of the Valaam monastery, in particular Father Alexander, to whom Sergey addressed with this case when he worked at the compound in the guard. Father Alexander’s first reaction was depressing since according to him, now only elders of the monastery can help Sergey, but the next day, apparently consulting with the abbot, he him reassured and said that it was “an attempt by the devil seduce, but for Sergei himself, nothing bad happened and he pure before God. ”

As one of the working versions of the story that happened considered a hallucination that could have occurred under exposure to paint vapors in a poorly ventilated basement indoors. However, this version did not hold water, as the paint It is based on linseed oil and pigment, therefore, in addition to Light smell, does not give any fumes. Largest size tube no more than fifty milliliters, with a neck no more than 5 millimeters, and a strip of paint is squeezed onto the palette in a few centimeters.

Could all this have been dreamed by Sergey? Probably not. Story replete with a large number of small parts, which are usually blur even in the most detailed dreams, not to mention the fact that the vision was too long and complicated for sleep. Is worth note, however, that in the process of painting the master experiencing great mental stress, and is in a state of close to nervous excitement. It’s easy to fall asleep impossible.

The last thing worth paying attention to is the similarity the whole story with a classic contact of the third kind. In them also alien strangeness and absurdity are often noted. A an invitation to another planet can just be considered as invitation to “sell your soul” or just “go somewhere.” I think this the episode can shed light on still unclear moments ufological situations and the demonological aspects of intercourse people with the so-called “evil spirits.”

Author Vladimir Kukolnikov, member of the Union of Artists of Moscow, Team Leader, Penza-Cosmopoisk.


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