Extreme records: by bike – by to the roofs

Extreme records: on a bicycle - on the roofsPhoto from open sources

Extremals, as a rule, amaze us with their incredible capabilities and abilities. People, at a glance it seems ordinary ones do such that hardly anyone is capable of repeating their experience. At least the very rare, most likely the same obsessed and fantastically gifted.

Danny MacAskill (Danny Macaskill) in the video below demonstrates his superpowers in cycling seemed would be on absolutely unthinkable “paths” – on the roofs of houses.

This GoPro-collaborative extreme project is not just demonstration of superpowers and amazing courage of a person, Danny amazes us with the virtuosity of riding and jumping (even makes flip) on his two-wheeled friend. All this, of course, was given it wasn’t just not immediately, but it was the result of endless difficult and very dangerous training.

A photo from open sources

On the Web, his extreme “jumping on the roofs” even though caused a flurry emotions and enthusiasm, Danny himself is called crazy and suicidal. AND these are not just words, since he is not the first to demonstrate on the bike is such virtuosity. For example, something similar in its time showed Martin Ashton, who today rides is no longer on a bike while on a wheelchair.

Many Internet patrons complain, which is not as scary as doing all these unthinkable pirouettes on a bike Danny himself Macaskill, much worse than the other: thousands will want to repeat it crazy young men, many of whom will at best break themselves arms and legs, at worst – become disabled or broken to death.

But on the other hand, in our life there have always been similar desperate madmen, and it is precisely about them that Gorky spoke – madness brave we sing a song. And it is they who move progress forward, and not those who wrap themselves in a warm scarf even at a plus temperature, puts a bandage on his face, going out into the street (they love to do this Japanese) and every day “rapes” a thermometer and tonometer.

Danny MacAskill dedicates his unthinkable to the madness of the brave really crazy and at the same time so bewitching “flight over the sea “, and practically – over eternity …

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