Eyes of the Mountain: A Mystical Phenomenon in Tibet

A photo from open sources

On the night of October 8, there was a total lunar eclipse. At the sacred mountain in Tibet, pilgrims from Buryatia settled down for the night. Among them famous photographer Vyacheslav Kiplyuks. They went out with a friend shoot the stars in the sky. The men moved away from the camp and suddenly numb. On the mountain in front of them two huge fiery “eyes”.

Despite the shock, Vyacheslav worked professionally and managed to remove luminous “eyes” of the mountain. Upon returning to Ulan-Ude, the photographer brought snapshot to the editorial board of the News of Buryatia – “Inform Policy”.

A photo from open sources

Lunar eclipse night

It should be noted that he led the expedition of pilgrims from Buryatia in the Himalayas. Here sacred inaccessible places possess tremendous energy power. Our countrymen visited the main Lhasa’s active monastery “Jokhang”, built in 647, The majestic residence of the Dalai Lama Potala Palace. Built in XVII century, it is still the tallest building in Lhasa.

Also, the pilgrims climbed to the base camp of Everest and met Dawn on the stony spurs of the highest peak in the world. But the main purpose of the trip is to go around the sacred mountain of Chenrezi, “Buddha Mercy “, in East Tibet. It is equal in importance to climbing the sacred Kailash. Having made a long sacred circle “goroo” around Chenrezi, on a night stop pilgrims settled at its foot.

– On the eighth of October, we observed a total lunar eclipse. By Buddhist astrology, “horoo”, committed in the full moon, special. All the merit made on this day are for the pilgrim triple accumulation of merit, and in full moonlight the eclipse is increased as much as a thousand times, – said the organizer expeditions to Tibet.

When the satellites were resting, Vyacheslav and his friend Evgeny left tents and moved away from the camp to shoot stars in the night sky. This is one of the hobbies of travelers. At that moment they became witnesses of a fact that they find it difficult to call otherwise Mystic.

Looked around

– Near the sacred mountain there are two completely bare rocks, their called the defenders of Chenrezi. When suddenly on one of them in the pitch two huge yellow “eyes” lit up in the dark. They seemed to circle with his gaze the valley, and then they were hidden by a sudden appearance of lowlands dense fog. Zhenya and I were in shock: living mountains! – Kiplyuks emotionally recalls. – These “eyes” are also seen yet five people from our group. They sat in night meditation near the camp, but did not take cameras with them and could not fix this miracle.

The pilgrimage organizer believes that this is one of the defenders mountains, as if feeling the presence of strangers nearby, as if checking territory protected by him.

– I do not know what it was, but the “eyes” were alive, – I’m sure how all his companions, Vyacheslav. – When dawn, we tried to find on at least some source of light on the rock, the reason that we saw at night, but found nothing. I think this phenomenon is – echo of the holy deeds of Padmasambhava.

Precious teacher

This Indian VIII century Buddhism teacher is still Tibetans consider their spiritual father. His work has led to Tibet entered a new stage of spiritual development. More in India Padmasambhava during meditations in cemeteries and inaccessible caves received secret tantric initiations and became great yogi and miracle worker. Learned almost all the wisdom from various teachers. Wore a skull necklace symbolizing liberation creatures from samsara.

It was such a person who was able to overcome unclean forces, was needed Tibetan king for the development of Buddhism in his country. Invited Padmasambhava exceeded all expectations, laid the first in Tibet Buddhist monastery, laid the foundation for translations of Sanskrit texts into the Tibetan language and dedicated the first seven Tibetan monks. The power of Padmasambhava bestowed by tantric yoga has produced on Tibetans are very impressed.

– Padmasambhava confounded the “black” Bon mages – priests and sorcerers, surpassing their magical art, and subdued demons and evil spirits of Tibet, turning them into Buddhism and making dharmapals – protectors of the Dharma, – reports the life.

Kiplux adds that guru Padma practiced in many caves, visited the snowy peaks of the mountains, blessed the endless valleys, leaving in all these places their energy, a part of themselves and his extraordinary wisdom. Such places are often marked by extruded on the rocks with imprints of his arms, legs or head. He harbored with disciples in many places sacred relics as well as secret teachings for future generations. It was done for in order to protect the secret tantric teachings from extinction and distortions by fools and intellectuals in the future.

For each of these treasures called “terma”, guru Rinpoche left detailed instructions on the time of their opening in the future, as well as called the student who will open them. The terma teachings contain implementation methods designed for a particular era, a specific generation of people and the specific person who discovered them. Were in terma and directly related to Europeans predictions that stated that during the decline of Tibet the Dharma will come to the “land of white people.”

– Maybe these “eyes” indicate the hidden in the mountains of Tibet terms with the teachings of Padmasambhava, – suggests the Buryat traveler.


Vyacheslav Kiplyuks conducted more than 20 expeditions in the Gobi Desert and mountains of tibet. Member of the Russian Geographical Society. Professional photographer. The organizer of numerous expeditions, filming movies and rallies. Worked with the Japanese TV channel NHK, Belgian and Swiss television as coordinator filming. One of the organizers of the polar cycling expedition under leadership of P. Konyukhov. Member of the ice rally in Lake Baikal.

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