Fabulous emerald clouds have arisen over Sydney

Fabulous emerald clouds arose over SydneyPhoto from open sources

Not so long ago, Sydney hit Australia’s largest city heavy storm. Before the elements finally receded, the local residents suddenly drew attention to a mysterious heavenly phenomenon. Among the thunderclouds strange clouds arose, emitting a “neon” bluish green light. The Sydney were both fascinated surprised and even somewhat frightened by this phenomenon. As it appears, nothing like this has ever been seen here before.

Presents two photographs of an alleged celestial anomaly were made by local resident Kira Robinson. According to 36 year old woman, she was returning from the supermarket when at the top these emerald clouds shone. Australian hurried to capture seen on a cellphone camera. An eyewitness admits that first seriously thought about aliens: they say, aggressive representatives of extraterrestrial civilization attacked humanity, about which today, unless lazy journalists write.

A photo from open sources

Local experts are in no hurry to talk about the alien invasion and try to find a rational explanation for what happened. Meteorologists suggest that due to a storm in the sky created unique conditions under which the clouds served as a kind of filter, skipping only such an unusual color. However, this the explanation looks so vague, doubtful and far-fetched, that most likely its authors themselves do not believe in it. therefore the question remains open. Open and a bit fabulous, if on the eve of the New Year, I want to believe in real miracles …

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