Failure in the gene program: the boy’s tooth has grown not at all where you need to

Failure in the gene program: the boy’s tooth didn’t grow where it should be.A photo from open sources

While some scientists, not only doctors, but also programmers, for example, Bill Gates, prove that the genome of any animal, including humans, is a complex program that could not have arisen in an evolutionary way, this program itself business throws us surprises that only confirm this theories.

Gene, like any other computer program, often gives failures. For example, more recently, the parents of a thirteen-year-old boy found he had a strange hardening in the testicle and immediately turned to district clinic. Doctors suspected oncology, as a result bringing the child to the Morozov children’s hospital in Moscow, where experienced doctors, having performed all the tests, and then having the surgery, removed from the sexual gland of a boy … a tooth. It was the seventh tooth the upper jaw of a child whom he just lacked unknown reason.

According to doctors, the tooth was not where it should be, in the result of the rarest phenomenon – teratomas, when due to mysterious failures in the formation of the human embryo, some of its organs placed in the wrong places. And most often this happens as times with teeth. For example, not so long ago, the Internet flew over the Internet information about removing teeth from the brain of a child. In this case approximately the same malfunction occurred in the gene program.

Currently, the “wrong” tooth is successfully extracted, health nothing threatens the boy. The only thing is that the doctors do not yet know how this will further affect his reproductive ability, but with one hundred percent certainty that the missing seventh tooth the patient’s upper jaw never grows – it is removed. And in this case there is no hope even of a rare ability human (such cases exist) to restore their teeth (no longer dairy) after their removal in dental clinics: themselves you know where this tooth can only appear …


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