Famous people who disappeared mysterious way

Famous people who disappeared in a mysterious wayPhoto from open sources

Cases of mysterious disappearances of people invariably cause a large interest. This is especially true for celebrities, to whom always riveted the close attention of society and which, despite this, manage to literally melt in the air. And such cases there are many.

Fuel Handler Disappearance

Rudolph Diesel is known as the famous German inventor, who proposed an effective alternative to the internal engine combustion, actively used today. Despite the obvious the success of his invention, the fate of Diesel was not easy. His had to go through several grueling trials regarding patent law. The fact that in Germany itself, the development of a “fuel tamer” were not appreciated. To top it all off in 1913 great the inventor went bankrupt.

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In the same year, September 29, Rudolph Diesel from Antwerp sailed on the steamer Dresden to London, where he was going to participate in the opening of a factory for the manufacture of engines on his methodology. His presence on board was recorded in the ship magazine, as well as numerous journalists. Same evening The diesel went to his cabin, and from that moment on, no one never seen again. Moreover, for some reason his name was not inscribed in the passenger registration journal, which is why over time many doubted that the inventor was on board Dresden.

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It seemed that the mystery of the disappearance of Rudolph Diesel was resolved before the end of the first world war. According to one German prisoner of war, he, performing the task of German intelligence, dropped Diesel in the water to prevent its cooperation with a potential enemy. However, evidence of this version is found were not, and the reason for the disappearance of a brilliant engineer and inventor remained a mystery …

The disappearance of the seeker of the lost cities

Nearly twenty years old, Percy Fawcett, Lt. Col. of the British Army, spent in the South American forests on behalf of the Royal geographical society. However, his true passion was not mapping unknown lands, and searching for traces left unknown civilizations.

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Ignoring the grins of skeptics who claimed that Amazonia inhabited by savages alone, Fawcett persistently searched for lost in Selve cities like monumental buildings of the Mayans or Incas. The lieutenant colonel had no doubt that all these cities had once been created immigrants from Atlantis. Fawcett claimed to have seen in his own eyes majestic ruins deep in the jungle however couldn’t show nothing but basalt figurines and ceramics.

In 1925 Fossett, accompanied by his eldest son Jack and his Ralel’s friend Raimel went off to look for the mysterious “city Z”, where he hoped to find representatives of ancient civilization. However after that travelers crossed the Shingu River (a tributary of the Amazon), about nobody ever heard anything from them.

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Attempts to learn about the fate of Fawcett and two young people undertaken repeatedly, even at the end of the last century, but all of them were unsuccessful. Someone believes that members the expeditions killed the natives, and someone – that Fawcett himself became the leader of the cannibal tribe …

The simplest seems to be the assumption that people died, not having endured the hardships of the path, the most exotic – that they of their own free will remained in the jungle, where they created some kind of religious community. But maybe travelers found the mysterious “city Z”, which is in parallel dimension? ..

The disappearance of the Golden Trombone

Glenn Miller was the head of the famous swing an orchestra and a superstar of the jazz era. He began his career in as a trombonist and arranger, and in 1937. decided to create own big band. Music written by Miller is pretty in demand today.

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When World War II began, Glenn wanted to serve. volunteer on the pacific front however by then he already out of military age. Miller did not give up and achieved permission to create an Air Force Army Orchestra forces. This group has given many concerts for warriors, cheering inspiring them to victory.

December 15, 1944 Major Miller’s plane rose above Britain and headed for the recently liberated Paris. The maestro was going to start preparing a Christmas performance his orchestra. But the plane was not destined to land in France, it seemed to melt into the dense fog that hung over Channel on that ill-fated day …

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The fate of Glenn Miller has overgrown with many legends. Of course, they said that he was simply shot down, but some thought that he abducted by German saboteurs, led by Otto Skorzeny. According to the boldest version, Miller was not only a jazz superstar, but and a Soviet spy who returned in this way to his homeland and there became … Yuri Andropov, subsequently Secretary General of the Central Committee CPSU! .. Of course, these two outstanding people were very similar externally, however, it’s easier to assume that an American musician was abducted by aliens or fell into a parallel world than became the head of the USSR …

The disappearance of the unpopular minister

Seventeenth Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt was the author of many liberal reforms – for example, the abolition of artificial restrictions for immigrants who did not give non-Europeans enter the country. In 1967 under Holt adopted amendments to the Australian constitution, leaving the aborigines of the continent civil rights were granted. When Holt was monetary reform implemented, as well as a mandatory appeal to military service for men over eighteen.

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Australians did not like the prime minister for his open support wars in Vietnam. At the end of 1966 Holt even sent there to help US Army 6,000 Australian troops.

In short, Harold Holt had a very good chance of being re-elected few. However, an event happened that took off the agenda. this question: December 17, 1967 the prime minister rested at sea in company of the alleged lover and decided to swim in high waves. He never returned to shore.

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It was one of the largest search engines in the history of the country. operations involving helicopters, divers, police and the soldiers. Nevertheless, all the efforts of search engines were in vain. Two days later, Harold Holt was officially declared dead. However with such a large-scale search not to find his body was just impossible. So where did it go – dead or alive – seventeenth Australian Prime Minister? ..

Australia War Time Aircraft

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