Fancy Trees – Walking Ecuadorian palm trees

Fancy Trees - Walking Ecuadorian Palm TreesPhoto from open sources

Many languages ​​of the world have proverbs and enduring expressions, who compare couch potatoes and people who never leave home city, with plants. Like, plants are always on the same same place, and some individuals, by and large, do the same the most. However, few people know that in nature there is an amazing tree called Socratea exorrhiza, growing in the tropics of Ecuador and it stays in one place not always.

These trees are a real miracle of nature.

Locals call it a “moving palm,” and such the name is entirely consistent with the unique abilities of the plant. It will be difficult for many of us to imagine that in the world there is a tree that can slowly “walk” annually covering a distance of about twenty meters. Of course, for any animals and many insects two to three centimeters per day – real trifles, however, the fact that trees “roam” the earth is simply amazing imagination. This plant once again proves that in nature You can meet the most incredible phenomena.

A photo from open sources

Travel to moving palms

If you want to see firsthand the “moving palms”, then will have to spend the whole day from the Ecuadorian capital to Sumako Nature Reserve, one of the most valuable planetary biosphere reserves. From the airport you will need about three hours to go by taxi, then from seven to fifteen hours to sail on a boat, then ride a mule and finally overcome several kilometers on foot. If nature is to your liking, then similar the efforts will be justified, because ultimately it is tedious the journey will lead you to virgin forests where you cannot meet crowds of tourists with cameras or even huts of foresters.

How do trees move?

According to paleobiologist Peter Vrsansky, who works in Bratislava Academy of Sciences when nutrients in the earth under a palm tree is exhausted, a tree releases long roots from a trunk, used to find nearby fertile soil. Young roots find a suitable piece of land, penetrate inside and begin to pull the tree trunk slowly pulling out of the old place the roots. Then the palm tree rises again, and the old root system and the lower part of the trunk die, turning into fertilizer. Height the tree decreases, however, it immediately starts intensely grow.

A photo from open sources

The whole process of such a “move” can last several years. It is worth noting that many centuries ago, Ecuadorians who hunted in in these forests by hunting, they remembered the position of each tree and bush, to know all the ways animals can walk. Imagine imagine their surprise when they first noticed that some palm trees literally moving from place to place. Then the natives thought that these are evil spirits pretending to be trees, and began to go around Socratea exorrhiza side.

Other discoveries in the jungle where mysterious plants grow the trees

Peter Vrsansky, together with his colleagues, spent in Sumako for three and a half months. Their main goal was studying a “moving palm” and documenting any information about her. In between, researchers found several absent on waterfall maps, the height of the largest of which exceeded thirty-five meters. In addition, scientists have managed discover a new species of frog and a new species of lizard. Once they even faced a large monkey community and aggressive primates threw strangers with branches and stones. Fortunately significant injuries Slovaks did not have time to get, because they quickly retreated.

The unenviable future of walking trees

Currently, the situation with Sumako is not the most rainbow. The country is undergoing dubious agrarian reform, in as a result of which the authorities put up for sale some areas protected forests. Anyone can acquire these lands and to do whatever he wants there. Two hundred hectares of natural The reserve has already been cut down in this way. Is it worth saying that rare “moving palms” do not have time to run away from axes and chainsaw lumberjacks. Socratea exorrhiza, by the way, is valuable the plant from which durable wood is obtained, unique tea drink, male aphrodisiac and much more.

A photo from open sources

Scientists from many countries have already raised the alarm about this. People sciences offer world universities at their own expense to buy up for sale the territory of Sumako to save there is fauna and flora, including Socratea exorrhiza. Unfortunately by According to Peter Vrsansky, who may have been imbued with these virgin forests more love than anyone else so far nothing does not work. Few research institutions are ready engage in such charity, and those who donate money, save only tens of square meters of forest, while how they are cut down by hectares and will soon be square kilometers away.

Plant time

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