Fantastic accident case in Thailand

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Mysterious amulet depicting a monk Fo Than Khlai saved thai driver Sayan Hiyoyi life during a serious traffic accident. Moreover, a man is not only miraculously survived, but did not even receive any serious injuries.

That day, Sayan Hyoyayi went to Phuket, where he was supposed to attend the wedding of his adopted son. On the way he accidentally hit the tractor trailer, because of this, his SUV took off from the highway and at high speed crashed into a tree, right there turning into a pile of iron. Survive the driver in such an accident almost impossible.

Relatives, without waiting for Sayan at the wedding and not even getting no telephone news from him, went in search of him, because they felt that something happened to the father of the groom unkind. They found a crashed car Sayan, but the driver in it is not It was.

To the surprise of relatives, Sayan was two hundred meters from accident, he sat in the lotus position and meditated. Seeing a brother, man said something shocking: I’m sorry that I did not get to the wedding, but I died in a car accident.

As it turned out later, Sayan considered himself dead, because in the time of the accident saw his mutilated, completely dead body in the car, I saw it all from above, that is, his soul has already left physical shell and swam from the scene of an accident. Nothing else he remembers. How I got out, how I ended up meditating two hundred meters from the car, but most importantly – how he managed to survive and not even get any injuries …

All this surprised not only relatives and Sayn himself, but also Arriving Police: Surviving such an accident was easy it’s impossible to remain at the same time even without damage – in general fantasy!

Sayyan Hiyoyi sure that he was saved by the amulet that he purchased 26 years ago in one of the temples and since then constantly wears around his neck. So it or not, but without the intervention of the Higher forces there is clearly not cost …

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