Fantastic mirage watched by tourists Of China

Fantastic mirage watched by Chinese touristsPhoto from open sources

This amazing huge mirage was watched by thousands of people, and in In particular, tourists from China, in the area of ​​the famous mountain range Huangshan. A mirage in the form of mountains to heaven that far exceeded real peaks manifested here immediately after the rain.

Tourists immediately tried to star in the background of this unique natural phenomenon, as well as shoot it on the video itself. They say that it is quite impressive when a person merges with this a majestic optical illusion.

Note that the Huangshan ridge is one of the most picturesque areas of China, it is no coincidence that hundreds of thousands come here every year tourists. And the Chinese themselves constantly turned to the beauty of this places for inspiration. This applies to artists, and poets, and Chinese composers who have depicted and since ancient times sang this paradise of their country and the planet in whole.

Interestingly, the peaks of this ridge rise above the clouds, thanks to which various optical illusions, for example, “Buddha’s Light” – several times a month, and “Cloudy Sea” – although less frequently, but still quite often. However such a mirage as “mountains above mountains” – the Chinese and guests of the PRC saw first.

In 1990, the Huangshan ridge was included in the list of the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites – due to its indescribable beauty and the fact that in these parts rare animals and plants are found and grow.

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