Fearless girl brushes a crocodile’s teeth

Fearless girl brushing her crocodile’s teethPhotos from open sources of

3 year old Indonesian girl named Maharani from the city Tangerang lives in a house with many wildlife contains her father Syahrul. The kind-hearted parent of the baby picks up in nature wounded animals and birds, nursing them in their own home.

Maharani inherited from her father a love of animals and beautifully gets along with them. In particular, one of our heroine’s favorites is 80-centimeter crocodile, not so long ago rescued by Syakhrul from poachers. The girl quickly made friends with the reptile and even often sleeping in an embrace with her.

The Internet recently circled below. video in which a young Indonesian calmly cleans her unusual pet teeth. The crocodile dutifully transfers this procedure and does not show any aggression in relation to the mistress. Relatives preschoolers claim that the predator has long become attached to the girl and just can’t offend her or cause some kind of harm.

Opinions of Internet users about what is happening are divided. Some regulars on the Web consider such parents irresponsible, exposing your child to undue risk. According to others, to people living in harmony with nature (and Maharani and her relatives clearly belong to their number), it is better to know how to lead yourself with wild animals, and as well as possible. And although reptiles are not considered trainable, in fact human friendship and a crocodile is not so rare in the world …

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