Fedor Konyukhov now plans to conquer Mariana Trench

Fedor Konyukhov now plans to conquer the Mariana TrenchA photo from open sources

World famous Russian traveler, extreme, writer, artist and even priest Fedor Konyukhov intends to next year to conquer the deepest trench of the oceans – go down to the Mariana Trench. In this he will help ocean scientist Arthur Chilingarov, who will share with Konyukhov place in the bathyscaphe.

It will not only be a test of strength and endurance, setting a new record, but also a purely scientific study, says Fedor Filippovich, Arthur and I will have to take from the bottom The Mariana Trench is soil, that is, its samples are in the same place where two powerful tectonic plates come into contact in the ocean. No one I haven’t done it yet – we will be the first!

A photo from open sources

In addition, the brave extremals intend to establish at the bottom of this terrible trench the Russian flag (this will be done by Arthur Chilingarov) and the Orthodox stone cross (of course, the priest will establish it Grooms). A cross eighty centimeters high and weighing in sixty kilograms already prepared for Konyukhov famous jeweler (for some reason Fedor does not name him).

And here is the bathyscaphe for the brave conquerors of the Martian depression prepares the staff of the St. Petersburg Baltic plant with the participation of MSTU named after Bauman. According to scientists and creators of this a unique underwater vehicle, its estimated time of immersion on the bottom of the gutter is no more than eight hours, and withstand the bathyscaphe will be able to pressure a thousand and one hundred atmospheres, which is enough to This scientific experiment passed without problems and even more so disasters.

Recall that the depth of the Martian depression is a little more eleven kilometers, and this is the “bottom of the Earth” in the western parts of the great Pacific Ocean. However, in more detail about the Mariana a video will tell you in the hollow.

Mars Mariana Trench

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