Fern flower: what is this amulet, the meaning of the Slavic symbol?

The fern flower is the oldest Slavic amulet. It is a swastika symbol with eight ends, possessing powerful energy, endowed with magical properties. The ancestors considered the image of a flower to be a reflection of the inexhaustible power of the Sun, without which life on earth is impossible. Fern flower Fern flower – the oldest Slavic amulet

Features of the fern flower symbol

According to the beliefs of the Slavs, the symbol reliably protects against evil forces. But the owner of the protective sign can only be a person of pure soul.

For many centuries, the legend has lived that those who find a blooming fern on the Kupala night will receive untold wealth. But these will not be material benefits, as many expect, but deep spiritual knowledge.

The fern flower amulet is a universal protector. It protects the wearer from a variety of negative influences: damage, curses, evil eye, ailments. The ancestors believed that when constantly worn in the form of an amulet, the symbol cleanses the soul, fills it with strength and will.

Fern flower amulet The fern flower amulet is a universal protector

It helps its owner:

  • to enlighten spiritually;
  • fulfill cherished desires, not aimed at the detriment of other people;
  • gain confidence and inner strength;
  • cope with the blues;
  • improve relationships with people around;
  • achieve your goals;
  • protect yourself from the effects of negative energy.

In order for the amulet to help, it must be treated with respect.

Who is the Slavic sign suitable for?

The symbol is universal, it helps both men and women. It is recommended to wear a talisman for all family members for spiritual development, strengthening physical strength, maintaining strong and happy family relationships.

The fern flower is a useful symbol for teachers, scientists, students: it symbolizes the sun, and sunlight is a symbolic reflection of the light of knowledge.

The talisman helps a person lost in life to find their place, to find a goal. It has a strong inspirational and motivating energy, therefore it is suitable for creative people, the military, as well as people who practice white magic.

You should not wear a charm:

  • adventurers who achieve goals at any cost;
  • risky people;
  • plotting an evil deed (everything will turn against the attacker);
  • practicing black witchcraft.

Today, fern-colored jewelry is worn by people of all genders and ages. But in ancient times it was meant for men. The swastika symbol is associated with the image of Perun – the patron saint of warriors and defenders. And the ancient Slavic men, who were often forced to stand up to protect the land and family, were held in high esteem by inner strength, confidence and courage.

Perun's color

June 20 is Perun's Day, the holiday of all defenders of Mother Earth. And the legendary fern flower is called Perunov's color – it was he who was presented to Kostroma and Kupala on their wedding day by the brave son of Lada and Svarog. The magic flower contains a part of Perun's power.

Expert Opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist According to Slavic beliefs, a fern blooms only once a year on the summer solstice. It is very difficult to find a flower, and everyone needs protection, so the corresponding solar symbol was created.

Amulet for the house

A home amulet was made in the form of a broom from dried fern leaves. He protected the home and household from evil spirits.

The leaves were dried in the sun, then brooms were tied with a woolen thread. They were hung high in the corners of the dwelling. If one of the household members suffered from nightmares, then a fern leaf was placed under the pillow.

Fern broom Home amulet was made in the form of a broom from dried fern leaves

To protect the house, modern people plant a fern in their personal plot or insert the dried leaves of the plant into the interior decor.


The fern flower can be made of any metal, wood, stone. It is advisable to wear the amulet so that it touches the skin directly: this way it more actively draws negative energy from the carrier. At night, it is recommended to put the jewelry under the pillow, and after taking it out in the morning, talk to him, talk about your plans and dreams, ask for help in implementing your plans.

In the old days, only wealthy people could afford to buy an amulet. Poor people dried the fern, put it in a bag that was worn on the chest.

Embroidery: ornament

According to Slavic belief, a fern color pattern on clothes is no less powerful than an amulet.

The craftswomen begin to work on the waning moon. The mental attitude should be positive. Otherwise, the threads will get tangled, errors will appear in the work, and there will be no protective force in the resulting embroidery. You need to embroider without making knots. Fabrics and threads should only be natural.

Fern color pattern  According to Slavic belief, a fern color pattern on clothes is no less powerful than an amulet

The most powerful is a flower embroidered by a blood relative. In the process of work, the embroiderer must communicate (at least in thoughts) with the person for whom the clothes are intended. The energy of the protective pattern merges with the energy of the future owner.

Embroidery options: schemes

The protective effect of a flower can be increased by supplementing it with energetically strong details. Popular embroidery patterns in which the fern is combined:

  • Svarog square – relieves alcoholism;
  • Whirlwind (Stribog symbol) – heals lung diseases;
  • Rodimych – prevents respiratory diseases;
  • any animal – protects the child;
  • hop – protects the family;
  • cornflower – maintains vision;
  • spruce – prolongs life.

Thread color and their meaning

When embroidering a flower, you need to take into account that a thread of a certain color has its own meaning:

  • red (and all shades) – prevents adultery and family conflicts;
  • green – attracts financial well-being;
  • blue (lilac and other shades) – weakens the aggression of the wearer;
  • black – relieves infertility.


Decorating the body with a protective symbol is a popular modern way of obtaining the highest protection. Moreover, the pattern used can be both a swastika flower sign and a naturally depicted fern leaf. The tattoo is suitable for women and men.

Fern tattoo  Decorating the body with a protective symbol is a popular modern way of obtaining the highest protection

The value of the amulet on the body:

  • attraction of luck;
  • cleansing the soul;
  • hardening of the spirit, imparting purposefulness;
  • protection from negative impact.

Any part of the body can be tattooed, but it is desirable that it be an area protected by clothing from prying eyes.

How to properly charge the amulet?

So that the protective power of talismans does not weaken, they need to be periodically charged and cleaned of the accumulated negative. According to the Slavic tradition, the fern flower is charged with the help of four elements. The ceremony is held in a secluded place (better not indoors, but outdoors) on the day of Perun – Thursday. Before the ceremony, you need to wash, put on clean clothes.

Fire and Water

The product should be held over a candle flame, fire or in direct sunlight. The negative energy in this amulet is taken away by fire or sunlight. The person conducting the ceremony should not allow negative thoughts.

Water quickly carries away bad energy. At home, the decoration can be put under water from a tap, in nature it can be lowered into a river or stream.

Air and earth

In order for the amulet to receive a charge of positive energy, it is enough to take it out of the house in windy weather. It is advisable to be outside the dusty and polluted city.

To fill the talisman with the energy of the earth, you need to bury it at night in a secluded and quiet place.

The fern flower is a talisman with a powerful energy message. It is universal, suitable for any person who has no evil intent in his soul.

The amulet helps people confused and confused in life, indicates the right direction, endows with inner strength and confidence, reliably protects against dangers and negative magical influences.

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