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This post was made on Facebook a few days ago, and already became “viral”. He was supported by about 9000 people (likes) and distributed by more than 14,472 people. The message represents a story about a beggar named Lolo from the Philippines. The warnings of disasters and calamities he gave came true again and again. The warnings did not end. Recently lolo made warning for November 15th as well … warning about approaching the “three days of darkness.” How Lolo manages to be so accurate in your predictions? Is he a “messenger God, “as stated in this post? The history of mankind replete with “messengers from God” … The content of the post in Facebook “Hello everyone! I have something to share, but I don’t know where to start or how I say “it”. But a big earthquake which hit Cebu and Bohol, the new tornado that hit Lapu-Lapu and Cebu, (November 4, 213) around 7:50 pm, forced me to share “something” else. I don’t care if anyone someday will make fun of me, or even if you care less or don’t believe it. (Note. – Posted by is a resident of the Philippines) At the end of 2009, we met an old man outside Saint Colon Cebu. He asked the church alms. So my mother and I went up to him and gave a few coins. He smiled and said: “SALAMAT kaayo ninyo inday! Kining inyong gihatag nga grasya, dili man ni para sa ako-a. Padayon mo sa inyong kaayo. “This sentence was spoken by an old man who touched me and puzzled, but for whom he begs alms, if it is not destined for him. I then thought of his family. A year later he appeared in our house, smiling broadly. We were surprised at how way he was able to reach us when he didn’t even know the exact place where we live. We entertained Lolo (the old man) and gave him money and food, but he refused. Instead, he talked about what kind and strong our God is, and tried to raise the level of faith in God and make us feel that God really loves us. He rarely visited us, apparently he wanted us to pay attention to every message he tries to convey to us. Us really enjoyed listening to him, as he often says interesting things. Once, in the end, LOLO told us that somewhere in St. Colon Cebu is a building that will undoubtedly burn to the ground, but he never mentioned the name of the owners and place. A few days later, amid the peak of Christmas shopping, fire unidentified origin, was covered by Gaisano South Mall Capital in St. Colon Cebu early Friday morning. Link to the fire. Filipino beggar makes accurate predictions of disastersPhotos from open sources More recently this year, when LOLO visited us, he asked us not to go to the sea in the month of August 2013 years because a terrible event will happen there. And yes! it really happened again! That was Friday night, 16 August 2013, when M.V. Thomas Aquinas from 2GO Shipping Lines (shipping company) and Sulpicio Express 7 collided, leaving dozens of people dead and more than 200 missing. We are very worried, knowing that my brother traveled by sea that night over his engineering projects somewhere in Leyte (if I’m not mistaken). TO fortunately, he sailed with another ship. Thank God that He Spared my brother’s life! Link Photo from open sources A month later, LOLO visited us again. is he urged us to pray for “children” who will be possessed by demons In the next few days. And it really happened! Activities at Quiot High School in Cebu was abruptly suspended after 11 students in different classes alarmed teachers with their unusual behavior around 2:30 pm They are believed to have been obsessed with evil perfume, which prompted teachers to immediately suspend classes. Lolo was right! It really happened! Link Photo from open sources October 2013: He warned us to be more careful, rather than wandering about without a goal somewhere on Tuesday because that a terrible event will happen. October 15, 2013 (Tuesday), due A 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed at least 32 people throughout central Philippines, many buildings and historic churches were destroyed, people got scared and found themselves in mortal crush. There was a panic as people poured into the streets after how the earthquake struck at 8:12. The epicenter was 33 kilometers away (20 miles) below Carmen on Bohol Island, where many buildings collapsed, the roads cracked and the bridges fell. It was terrible! REFERENCE Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Photo from open sources Just a week ago LOLO again visited us to let us know that we need to prepare before November 15, 2013 because stronger than recent ones will happen disasters. We were too puzzled about what else could happen after such a strong earthquake? He encouraged us to pray and always have faith in God. He even ordered us to stock up on groceries, lights, radio, water and any other necessary things on case of distress. Why? What will happen before November 15, 2013? LOLOnever told us this, but he earnestly asked us get ready. This is what made me write a post. IN Recently, I also received SMS alerts, meaning that we must prepare for super typhoon YOLANDA. (Note On the first data killed about 10,000 people). State Weather Bureau advised the public yesterday to prepare for the storm, which may intensify into a super typhoon and fall into the region on Friday. I I think this message is what LOLO wanted to warn us about. Guys, let’s pray for SUPER STORM YOLANDA to dissipate. But probably the worst is yet to come when the “3 days of darkness” come, the strongest earthquakes, famines and other terrible events about which warned LOLO. All of this may happen in the future. Who knows, maybe God sends us “messengers” to warn us and LOLO is one of them. Again guys let’s pray for SUPER STORM YOLANDA to dissipate. Guys i write this the message is not to make fun of me or to become famous, achieve glory, I do not threaten all of you, since no one knows when God comes and when Judgment Day will be. I share it to encourage us all to fully realize that God never will leave us and will not leave us. We have no control over earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes. God does not cause natural disasters and catastrophes. On the contrary, He gives life. God – our refuge. ”

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