Filmed over the Great Wall of China mysterious structure

Mysterious structure filmed over the Great Wall of ChinaA photo from open sources

YouTube video hosting user Jfrissina 27 January of this year uploaded to the Internet quite remarkable video when a mysterious structure in the shape of a jellyfish hovering over the Great Wall of China.

Jfrissina just clarified that this is filmed with an online camera, owned by the local cable television. And further small clarification: when tourists began to pay attention to UFOs and point to the sky, broadcast from the web-camera was right there discontinued.

Unfortunately, the mysterious object in the sky soon disappeared anyway beyond the clouds, as suddenly appeared from there. On flying alien devices it’s not very similar, if not to talk about some anomalies such as portals and mole holes. The Chinese themselves predisposed to the opinion that this is a dragon’s flight: simply, they say, his poorly visible due to long distance, clouds and sunny lighting (according to this people, dragons are omnipotent and therefore can take all kinds of guises, including man). And what to the dragon it doesn’t cost anything to look like some kind of mysterious structures …

Be that as it may, the video soon became viral, because, as filming experts noted, it’s genuine and quite deserves close attention. Especially for ufologists and lovers of paranormal phenomena. After all, this flight was not only strange in structure, but also completely silent. Exactly, for example, and powerful dragons fly over China from the very ancient times and to this day, as many residents are convinced China. According to surveys, up to 20 percent of China believes in these fire-breathing monsters, which according to belief were ancestors Chinese nation (most likely were reptilian aliens). Or at least brought something civilized and fundamental, distinct from the rest of the world. In this there is no doubt …

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